which face moisturizer ranking first?3 popular face moisturizers

By Helen

which face moisturizer ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular face moisturizers !


Kenzo Kenzoki Euphoric Vital Ice - Cream

Review by oopsygirl: Very glad with this product. i got it in a sample size. it moisterizes just enough for all over face lotion. altho i still have to use a more moisterizing cream on dry spots. over all i like it and will use this sample up and consider buying it for future use.

Review by Bonnie2842: Excellent day moisturizer esp under makeup. Perks up my skin with the cold texture and refreshing scent. Literally melts into my skin upon application. Wonderful make-up base!!! My foundation blended into my skin immediately on top of it and my skin looked very smooth and dewy. Even my boyfriend noticed!!! and he does not notice these kinda things!! Didn't make me break out oso.

Review by lipstickcrazy: The most expensive and the best moistorizer I've ever bought. While I wouldn't say it is something super extraordinary, it does smell gorgeous has a lovely creamy-gel like texture, leaves skin glowing and smooth. It's not enough for winter for my sensitive combination skin, but for spring-summer-warm autumn it's perfect/ I've almost used up the whole tube and unfortunately have to say that at one point it stopped working for me - it stings my sensitive skin. I want to love it, but probably cause it's fragranced (with the most wonderful smell) it's too harsh for me :(

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Boots No 7 Advanced Hydration Day Fluid

Review by stephanie32082: I am on my second bottle of this moisturizer! I purchased this at Target because I was looking for an affordable day moisturizer that didn't come with an SPF. To my surprise, it absorbs very well, has a light, pleasant scent that is not overpowering, and moisturizes and delivers as promised.
I used the first bottle daily (daytime only) for over one month -- that's how long it lasts. One or two pumps suffice for my entire face and neck down to my collarbone. It stopped my skin from looking flaky and is light enough to not feel sticky or too much in warmer weather. Sits well under my makeup and doesn't interfere with my sunscreen or foundation primer.

Review by suze9_8: I love this so much. It's hydrating enough for my dry skin surprisingly, and it sinks in right away. It claims to make skin softer, and it truely does. The one downside is the fragance, I really don't like the perfumey scent, but it works so well I'm willing to look past that. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Review by kat_25: I didn't really like this lotion- It's really greasy and oily, and I didn;t see much of a diference in the moisture in my skin. I won't be buying again.

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Unlisted Brand Lily of the Desert - Aloe Vera Gel

Review by wunverdoll: WOW, really exeeded my expectations. this is my HG night moisturizer. it soothes and heals irritated skin. my red marks from previous pimples are all gone, in less than a week! seriously, i'm not joking!!! this is truly a miracle for me.

Review by Stampy_76: Great cheap aloe! Feels nice and cool on! Sometimes it makes my skin feel a little tight though, not sure why, but it is definately a great moisturizer! Will continue to buy!

Review by blacklittlepig: It is great! my HG! I got it from GNC / Nature fame (Sinagpore) prefer the tube form as I can squeeze out the gel easier. It melts into the skin instantly, leaving my legs soft and smooth. :) not sticky or greasy for the weather in Sinagpore. highly recommended.

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