which face moisturizer ranking first?3 good face moisturizers

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By Tifanny

which face moisturizer ranking first?Let's see the 3 good face moisturizers !


Jamieson ProVitamina e Fresh Youthful Hydrating Gel-Cream

Review by Farra: I received a sample of this cream in a vitman box that I purchased. One word, WOW! I love this cream. The consistensy is thick and creamy and no stinging whatsoever on my very sensitive skin. Im going to pick up a jar tomorrow. My skin feels like it can move freely with no tightness. I saw great reviews for the vitamin A and I will try that to.

Review by joheinous: This is one of the best creams I've used. It's moisturizing and gets rid of those flaky skin during winter. No breakouts and has no fragrance and preservatives which is good. The texture is a little thick but soaks into the skin pretty quickly surprisingly. Highly recommended!
By the way, I have combo skin and occasional breakouts.

Review by mielr: This product is amazing, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin looking fresh. My fine lines look smoother and also helps heals any of my blemishs.
The ingredients are great as well. Besides vitamin e, there are some premium ingredients in this product. This product contains the two peptides that is in Matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid and alpha lipoic acid. I'm glad I found this creme and it actually works.

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging Night Cream

Review by Viognier: I LOVE this cream. I tried it as a sample from Shopper's and noticed a nearly immediate change in my skin. It was smoother,brighter and my pores seemed less defined. When I found out the price I was somewhat shocked but i knew i was hooked. I went around to 5 different Shopper's and collected 8-10 sample packets and used the cream for 2 full weeks. I knew I had to have the full size. At 140 + tx(CAN ) I was more than apprehensive about the purchase but would you believe I managed to find some on Ebay,brand new for 76,shipping included.
I am willing to pay full price when it runs out. It is neatly packaged and you use so little of it,it'll last a long time. I use this as both day and night cream. It's like magic.
I rated it 4 instead of 5 because it is pretty pricey but in this case,you get what you pay for.

Review by pretty_please: Got a sample jar of this and am pretty happy with it. Works great, my skin is softer and radiant looking and this stuff doesnt break out my sensitive skin. I love the smell too. Not sure of its anti aging or wrinkle diminishing ability since that will take longer than this small jar will last but if I had an extra hundred or so bucks to spend on a night cream this would be it:-)

Review by shopgirl087: I love this night cream. Smart packing, love smell and great feeling when I wake up everymorning. I use the ultra gold capsules before I apply this night cream. It was somehow heavy on for the first minute and the skin absorbs it quite fast! always leaves me feel great in the morning.
Only negative is the price. it is crazy expensive but it is worth it so far!
Make sure you get your skin test done before you start using the prevage range and go back after 3 months, I did it and the score has been improved....

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Origins Urgent Moisture

Review by Capprii: my skin is really dry in the winter, so this really made my skin feel a bit smoother and feels like it actually absorbed into the skin. i prefer this over some other moisturizers, but i don't think it's moisturizing enough for the whole day.
*edit* i have to resort back to this moisturizer. thankk god it's not discontinued!!

Review by drusilladru: I was told by my derm that i had some excema this spring, and being acne prone/oily skin, i was not pleased with this dilemna. So at night i needed something i could spot my dry spots and i tried a variety of products including Origins Constant Comfort, then i found a sample of urgent moisture. Wow, what a difference this makes. I put on my dry spots that flake out by the end of the day and they are fine. This product was a godsend. Will purchase the full size. I will use this along with OoO Complete spf 30 during the summer, and we'll see how my complexion fares.

Review by spitfireseven: This is a great product for dry skin!! A lightweight feel going on and while it does take a while to absorb, your skin feels so soft and hydrated after it does. I would recommend only using this at night since I found it a tad too heavy to use under makeup. Wonderful for revitalizing dry winter skin.

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