which face moisturizer is the best?3 recommended face moisturizer

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By Elena

which face moisturizer is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended face moisturizer !


Kinerase Clear Skin Moisture Light

Review by Farra: Been using this for a month, and every positive review about this product is true for me. Definitely HG material! I have acne-prone oily skin with dehydrated surface, which becomes more sensitive these a couple of years. I've tried lots of moisturizers both high- and low-ends, and nothing else worked as good as this.
Also, I did find this is not moisturizing enough when using it with my regular Shiseido Pureness toner. BUT, when paired with Kinerase's Hydrating Mist, it makes my skin incredibly soft and comfortable!

Review by kerroppifreak: So, I no longer really even need tinted moisturizer. Why bother, when CSML has given me such pretty, even, dewy, near-flawless skin (and it's only been 2.5 weeks)?

Review by leeyao: I have super oily skin, but my cheeks sometimes get sensitive and peel so I wanted something for night and also to try to delay wrinkles. I only use this at night, but its amazing. I don't wake up greasy and oily and it didn't give me blackheads. That's saying a lot because most moisturizers, even those for oily acne prone skin, do.. Its still a bit much for day for me but would be fabulous for someone not quite so greasy

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Got 2 Be Face Defense Moisturizer spf 15

Review by Newme: I bought this because my face was getting really dry and flaky. I couldn't decide between this one and another but I chose this one because of the spf 15. I like it because of the amount you get (4 fl. oz.), the price (2), the spf, and the fact that my skin is no longer dried out. I only dislike it because this seems to make my face shinier so I won't be using this in the summer. I am neutral about the scent- at first I thought it was grapefruit, now I'm not sure. This won't break out your skin because it is oil-free. And it is not tested on animals. All things considered, I would give it a four and I'll think about buying it again.

Review by SisleyAus: This stuff absorbs well, a little goes a long way, but not enough moisture for my dry skin.

Review by lizbert: I bought this at Big Lots for like 1.99. I am absolutely anal about using sunscreen everyday, and am always looking for something new. My skin can be pretty dry, especially in the winter, so I use another moisturizer under this and it works like a charm - no shine, great hydration. I would buy this again, especially if I could find it at such a good price!

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Bliss Labs Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream

Review by roxiblue: I love this moisturizer! Before this I was using Clinique DDMG, and I liked the texture of it, but I didn't feel it was benefitting my skin in anyway....I received a sample of this cream from Sephora, and with the first use my skin looked clearer! I've been using it for about a week now, I've already purchased a full size tub...the consistency is gel-like, so no greasies! Yay! The price is kind of high, but a little goes a long way! And I do wish it came in a pump jar instead of a tub, but overall will probably purchase again.

Review by Stampy_76: For so long I have been tryng to find the right moisturizer for my face/skin type which is combination. I have FINALLY found what works for me! I usually get oily throughout my T-zone area and dry in other places with occasional flakes. I am extremely sensitive to scents and the scent of this cream is very light and non-offensive. It also balances me out like no other moisturizer has done before. It's not greasy, it hydrates ALL day, and it makes me look "awake" and dewy. At first I was unsatisfied as far as the PRICE for such a small amount. But after stressing myself out trying to find something less expensive with the same effect (couldn't find anything close), I decided to go back and purchase it again. There is NOTHING like it for my skin and I don't regret this purchase. Hey, I invest in my hair, health, and wardrobe so why not my skin! Great moisturizer :-)

Review by almighty_curv: This is a wonderful face cream. It soaks in quickly, brightens the skin, and (for me) help keep pores clean and unclogged. I really love it....even at 54!

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