which face moisturizer is good?3 recommended face moisturizer reviews

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By Christina

which face moisturizer is good?Let's see the 3 recommended face moisturizer reviews!


Exuviance Fundamental Multi-Protective Day Fluid SPF 15

Review by stephanie32082: Contains polyhydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the skin. Not really a stand out product for me. I get better results from Exuviance's evening restroative complex at hydrating and exfoliation.I do not care for the strong tropical coconut scent that lingers for hours on my face. Won't repurchase as I want a face cream with higher spf and mild to no fragrance in it.

Review by roxiblue: My facialist introduced me to the Exuviance line, and it my HG, period! The Fundamental Multi Protective Day Fluid w SPF 15 is a great daytime moisturizer for my breakout-prone combo sensitive skin. At first, it goes on thick, but don't worry, it sinks in. I use it with the rest of the products in the sensitive skin line, and then use the Rejuvenating Complex with 12% Polyhydroxy at night. My skin is clearer, firmer, and the stubborn equal mark between my brows is going away.

Review by sjcsmall: This product no longer has the word "fundamental" in it, but it's the same formula.
Great product! I've used this lotion for a few years now and love it because it moisturizes without causing breakouts on my combination skin. The packaging is good, although I miss the bottle being clear so I could see how much was left. It works great on its own or mixed with foundation. I do find that foundation does bead up on it if I apply this lotion and then foundation, especially when the lotion hasn't completely set in first.

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Avon Basics Rich Moisture Face Cream

Review by lipstik: This was one of the first moisture creams I ever used and it is still a favorite. It is very light weight and I think designed for the younger skin in mind. It always has a place on my moisture cream shelf and I still reach for it when I need a boost. I do not mind the scent at all. I find it refreshing and calming. Perhaps because it has been around for so long, kind of like an old friend you can count on to soothe and comfort.

Review by peachy905: I have purchased this moisturizer (both the cream and the now discontinued lotion) for many many years. I love the fragrance, and I like the fact that this has sesame oil in it. Much more elegant than mineral and I like the amount of moisture that I get out of this cream.

I believe that this cream was intended for normal or slightly dry skin and that Vita Moist was for dry skin.

I just repurchased this again in a nice large jar and expect that I will also dab this on elbows and knees as well. I got the jar (6.7 ounces) for 4.00. I would probably use this as a hand cream also. Very fantastic product.

Review by kit_kat68: This is a hidden gem at Avon. Cant believe more people have not bought it yet. I only got it for 3 on sale. It moisturizes really well, doesnt break me out and I have very oily skin. I cant speak for antiaging properties, but it wonderful for 20yr olds. It doesnt sting my sensitive skin. I have tried much expensive products that have dont nothing for my skin. This product is worth using. One of my favorites, and you get 6.7fl. oz which is an isane price for a face cream.

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Chanel Hydramax + Active Moisture Gel Cream

Review by Vaniessa: The is hand downs the best thing that has ever touched my face. I wish I could find a good dupe for it because being 18, I can't really justify spending that much on a face product. Honestly ladies, if you're able to afford this without a problems or want to spoil yourself, look no where else. It makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom and leaves no residue. It smells amazing too.

Review by kitkat85: Makes my skin so soft and supple. LOVE this product.

Review by YolandaMC: This goes on nice and cool, but I find for me it does not moisturize enough. I use the serum as a booster and I really love that, but as a moisturizer, even during the summer I find my face is still pretty dry. I don't think I produce as much sebum naturally to use this, although I would highly, highly recommend this to a younger, oiler skin without a doubt (or in fact, on my Tzone it is nice! - just not on the cheeks for me.)

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