which face moisturizer is good?3 good face moisturizers

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By Fiora

which face moisturizer is good?Let's see the 3 good face moisturizers !


Therapy Systems Oil-Free Moisturizer

Review by runtagua: I LOVE this moisturizer! I received it in a giveaway and swear by it now. It doesn't break me out and has a nice light citrus fragrance. Only thing I would change is the packaging...it would be nice if it came in a pump instead of a jar-type package. Very moisturizing and non-greasy. Will definitely purchase when my current runs out.

Review by stellaluna2: I started using this about three months ago. At first I wasn't sure. It was recommended to me because I use the Bare Minerals line of makeup and you just can't use any moisturizer under it. If it has too much moisture, it's doesn't smooth out because of the powder-like minerals. Now, I really like it. The smell is wonderful, the texture is creamy, but not thick on your face. It's a little expensive, but you get a lot in the jar. I enjoy wearing just the moisturizer even when I don't wear any makeup. Good stuff!

Review by AutumnBliss: Lovely, light and soothing on the skin. A great product to use on acne-oily skin, doesn't clog pores. highly recommended.

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Yon-Ka Cream 11

Review by tippygirl: i bought this for my mom since she suffers from rosacea and has itchy patches on her cheek. this has helped so much. i use this also on my cheeks when they get irriated which is rarely. sometimes, i just use this under creme 93 because it smells so good! anyway, yonka recommends that creme 11 not be applied alone in the daytime. good to use this with creme 93 for daytime for those with oilier skin.

Review by kat_25: The correct name is Creme 11. I've had red blotchiness on my jaw line and on my cheekbones for years and nothing has ever helped it before. I was resigned to just accepting it. Creme 11 has substantially calmed my skin. It is a miracle. I had a facial at a salon and the esthetician recommended I buy Creme 11 for daily use. Although it did seem to decrease the redness I saw the price and said no way. The next day the redness was STILL gone and I drove straight to the salon and bought it. I have found that the longer I use it the more the redness has gone away. I can go a few days between uses and still have great results. I LOVE this stuff.
One more thing - I would classify this product as a "treatment" not a moisturizer. It is intended to be worn under moisturizer.

Review by andij: I'm surprised by the good reviews of this product. It contains arnica--which is a skin irritant/skin sensitizer.

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Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel

Review by franjipany: Great product! i've repurchased this 3times already. Its great for summer but you'll probably need something heavier in winter months. Does not break me out and provide just the right amount of moisture with a very lightweight texture. I abosolutely love it although it's pretty expensive.

Review by Lyssa2676: I have only a sample of this product. It is nice to use in summer. It doesn't seem to clog pores but still gives you the moisture. Its too. I have gone to enquire about the full price of this and was a bit shocked by the price. I am not sure it is really worth the price..

Review by nishie: I really wanted to love this since I loove their gentle foaming cleanser but... meh. It's very hot here in the summer (and very cold in the winter) and my usually dry and flaky skin has turned into an oil slick this summer and every moisturizer just makes it worse. This is no exception. I'm still oily like crazy and it feels too heavy. I was expecting something that is more gel and less cream but this is more like a cream then a gel. It doesn't break me out though so at least there's that. It also smells odd to me.
In any case I'd conclude that this did not deliver what I had hoped it would. But I will give it another go when the weather gets colder, perhaps it will be good for that. For now, I'm sadly not impressed.

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