which face moisturizer is good?3 easy to use face moisturizer reviews

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By Fiora

which face moisturizer is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use face moisturizer reviews!


Sovage Idebenol

Review by nishie: Idebonal has imporved my skin texture. I generally have large pores and it seems as if this cream makes them smaller. I use this in conjunction with Skinceuticals serum 10. My skin seems brighter overall and people have commented on how my skin looks. Now, I have EXTREMELY sensitive, acne prone, dry, you name the problem type of skin, and this does not bother me at all. I recieved a sample free and am almost out so I will go ahead and buy next time. I also use the sovage on my hands and my hands look smoother. Before you buy, ask the sales rep if you can get a free sample.

Review by betsyab: I would not spend over 100 for this product again. I tried the full size. I found it to be just okay. Nothing more special than facial creams at a much more reasonable price point. It is okay, but does not produce results that merit such a hefty price.

Review by CherryBlossom03: My girlfriend gave this to me as a gift and I am only on the 5th day. The ingredients seem stellar, and my complexion -may- be a little brighter, but as it stands now this does not give enough moisture for my combo-dry skin in mid December. I will shelve it for Spring and see of it's worth the price then. Will update in 6 months.

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Guerlain Issima Super Aquaserum Optimum Revitalizing Hydrator

Review by bossanovaville: It is a very good serum .My skin was flaking .This product saved my skin.

Review by Graceteix: This is one of my favorites. I use this when my face feels tight or needs a boost. It says serum. But, is rich enough not to use a moisterizer on top or for me it isn't. This is a HG for me. I always keep it on hand. It lasts forever. It take about 2yrs for me to finish a bottle. If you have dry tight skin especially in the change of season you will love this.

Review by askewchick: Get a sample of this product before buying it. I wish I had! I can't speak much to how well it works (although I imagine it's great, just like all the other Guerlain products) because I could never get past the perfume.
It is STRONG. I couldn't stand having it on my face when I went to bed, so I tried only using it in the morning. Didn't work; the scent doesn't dissipate nearly enough. It's distracting.
As a result, I was never able to use it consistently. And the money I spent was wasted. Learn from my mistake!

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Lancome Primordiale Optimum Night

Review by Chloeclover: This night cream is awesome. It smells wonderful!! When i first used it I was afraid it would be too much, but it caused no break outs at all and my skin wasnt left greasy. In the morning my skin is very soft and clear. I think this is just great!

Review by minnielouse: I love this night cream. It's texture is silky and absorbs fairly quickly. The fragrance is beautiful and really relaxing after a night time shower. It moisturises my skin very well, doesn't clog my pores and has never caused my skin to break out. I highly recommend it.

Review by cosmokid: Paraffin, petrolatum and the same old parabens... I would never put this stuff on my face. And they even named it "Primordiale"... This cream has the same composition of your average 1981 drugstore cream and delivers quite the same results at 11 times the price, so please, dear Lancome, bug off.

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