which face cleanser ranking first?3 top face cleansers

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By Sara

which face cleanser ranking first?Let's see the 3 top face cleansers !


Kate Somerville Detox Cleanser

Review by Capprii: This is the cleanser I seem to go back to--maybe not HG, but a good basic. Not too drying and doesn't irritate me at all--not even my neck, which is the true test for me!

Review by Erin: Usually acne prone cleansers smell medicinal and are not very hydrating. This cleanser combines the delicious aroma of spa botanicals like orange and tea tree, but also softens your skin and attacks bacteria which can cause breakouts. It's packed with phytic, salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids to help clear skin. I just love the fact that it really feels and smells like a spa quality cleanser but also contains some cutting edge ingredients to tackle oily and acne prone skin. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is due to the high price. 32 is pretty steep for only 4oz of a cleanser. I wish it came in an 8 oz size at the same price.

Review by AokiJ: I do LOVE this cleanser. It smells good and gets my skin nice and clean. It's not extraordinary but there are some good ingredients, whether they are at accurate levels to work or not I don't know... salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids. Foams up well and doesn't dry the skin. Ive bought this at least four times. My little sister swears by this for her acne control along with the acne back lotion. Her skin is flawless.

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Chanel LAIT CONFORT creamy cleansing milk confort+Anti pollution-Face and eyes

Review by ninanina: Bought this (and the toner) product and have tried it three times now and sadly, very very sadly, it brought me out in tiny blisters all over my face and am still struggling with the burning sensations its caused. I'm prone to sensitive/dry skin and this product is the worst for sensitives.
I'm gutted as it is a heavenly, holiday like, classy scent and in the most gorgeous packaging. Not cheap at £25 but if you like the luxury and arent sensitive, i'd go for it. The moisturising level is excellent and the parts of my face not blistering were glowing and smooth.
Again I'm sad I cant use this but have spoke to Chanel who will happily refund due to my reactions. Back to the 'ol Even Lom then...

Review by miss_mac: I wanted to like this product, but whilst Chanel makes oustanding makeup, they make really average skincare. I found this really drying and it wasn't very good at removing my waterproof mascara. I'd recommend Chanel makeup to anyone, but as for skincare, try something else.

Review by marsqurine: I can't believe I'm about to rave about soap. I mean, this is GREAT soap, but let's be serious, it's still soap. That said, I love it. It smells faintly of makeup-y peaches. I like to apply it dry and massage it into my face, where it literally blends in like a lotion. After enough pleasant massaging, the consistency changes yet again and pills a bit around all the dirt and oil and then turns into a gel like substance. When I gently wash it off, my skin soft and spotlessly clean...all traces of makeup, including eye makeup, is gone and it is very gentle on my eyes. I'm in love; I've never found an equal.
EDIT: After one week of use, I broke out into major pimples all over my forehead and chin. I stopped using for 24 hours, everything went away. This is going back.

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Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

Review by Carrie: I love using this cleanser. It contains soft beads to gently exfoliate and does not feel harsh. It has a light herbal scent that i love. Its not drying and I just love using it. Again with all Aveda products, the huge pricetag is the only drawback.

Review by scrapdoll: A very gentle but effective cleanser. I could tell a huge difference in my skin texture the first time I used it. Using this 2 times a day I no longer need any type of extra dermabrasion. Will definitely re purchase. but for as little as you need it should last a good while.

Review by lorrainer07: I'm a recent Aveda convert and I love this cleanser! It is exfoliating without being harsh, smells good and I think it's improved my skin over the past few weeks. I really like how it feels--it's silky and even the microbeads seem to glide over my skin.
The only downside is the price. It's definitely on the expensive side, but I'm glad I bought this--and I think my skin is too.

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