which face cleanser ranking first?3 top face cleanser reviews

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By Fiora

which face cleanser ranking first?Let's see the 3 top face cleanser reviews!


Clearasil Total Control Foaming Cleansing Cloths

Review by rebec75: Both sides of the cloths are soft and gentle, milder than Oil of Olay's Daily Facials, which has a rough side and a soft side.
Never bothered my eyes, which is good for a cleanser.
You can definitely cut it in half.

Review by stephanie32082: I love this product! I got it on sale for 3.48 at Target, so it was definitely a good buy. I love the scent, and it didn't appear to be too harsh for my sensitive skin. These clothes are great for using at home at night. I don't particularly think that they're great for traveling. I prefer pre-moistened cloths for traveling. Overall, a spectacular product!

Review by ahappyplace: These are the best things ever to travel with. They are light, and are effective. The best part is they don't break me out. I cut them in half, and will never travel without them again!

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La Vitton Laventine Botanical Facial Cleanser

Review by lizbert: This cleanser makes my skin so smooth! It's all I want for a non-nonsense face wash: gentle, cleanses well, and non-drying. Plus the scent is fresh and clean like a breeze, and the foam is luxurious yet subtle, I mean not the large bubbles, but soft and profuse, creamy foams, you have to try it yourself to know what I mean. Checked the ingredients, no sls, and that's might be the difference in its way of foaming. Lovely product, cool bottle, too!

Review by IiIy: Love this cleanser. It's gentle and it cleanses well. it makes my face smooth and clean. it has a fresh botanical scent so different from artifical fragrance. The bottle looks high-end and classy, but it's a very natural product. Highly recommend!

Review by Jaie: This must be one of the most gentle and pleasant facial cleanser I've ever had. I noticed that the foam is creamy and subtle, different from the regular cleansers with huge bubbles. This cleanser is so mild it won't hurt my eyes. Except for heavy, water-proof makeup, it is effective enough for everyday wash. It won't over dry or irritate for sure - my face feels smooth and soft after. It's not cheap, but in a big 8 oz bottle, and you only need a bit for entire face, so it's good value. I'll buy again.

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Olay Daily Facials Night Cleansing Cloths

Review by kimmie578: I REALLY love this product. It's affordable, if you know where to buy it, since I've seen them at different stores priced sometimes 2 higher than others, but it really does work to help get the makeup off my face, and also the eye makeup that the eye makeup remover pads did not get.

Review by Pinki: Awesome product. Our skin needs exfoliation when we wash to 1) get rid of makeup/dirt. 2) get rid of dead skin that could cause clogged pores or flakey complexion. I have acne skin and I tried many acne products with AHA, BHA, what not. But there is nothing that exfoliates like a textured cloth. Instead of using a face cloth that is yucky - bacteria filled, these things are disposable which is GREAT for your skin. I find i get less breakouts when i use this and it removes makeup very well (and I use very thick opague makeup too) I usually use this in conjunction with my other acne cleansers and lancome eye make up remover) and it works great! No problems with packaging even w/o the box and it is cheaper at Walmart than drug stores. I just keep buying this stuff and for about 7.50 Cdn a month I can't go wrong.

Review by nechama22: I love these. I have used other olay cleansing cloths and dove but these feel better on my skin. The are not rough. The texture of is better than any other facial cloth. I also like the olay clarity cleansing cloths. These two cloths are very similiar in texture.

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