which face cleanser is good?3 effective face cleanser

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By Fiora

which face cleanser is good?Let's see the 3 effective face cleanser !


Biomedic Antibac Acne Wash

Review by liselise1: I will never go without this product again. I am 36 and have had breakouts my entire life. I will admit, that I still have some breakouts, but they are greatly reduced. I ran out early in the summer and suffered greatly trying to use other products. I have been very impressed with all of the La Roche Posay products and the low priced. A bottle of this stuff lasts a long time.

Review by maribebe: I really like this face wash, I feel like I get less breakouts. I had a facial at a Medical Spa and the astetician (sp?) said that this face wash is great for repairing your face in the long run. She said to use this until it is gone, then use the purifying cleanser. So far I really like it. EDIT: I will never switch from the Antibac again...I started using the purifying cleanser and immediately got breakouts on my face. I will stick to using the Antibac...hopefully they will not discontinue it!!

Review by tippygirl: A small disappointment, cause I had so large expectations after reading about this product.... But it is not better than any other "more expensive" salicylic cleanser. It foams nicely, and cleanses gentle....but not as good as some other brands.
Might be becuase i have really oily skin, but i still think that some cleansers really CAN cleanse even my skin throughly.....
I guess that this doesn't suit me as good as some others.... No difference of the blemishes...this feels just mild and gentle....
I won't buy agan!

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Kanebo Faircrea Whitening Foam

Review by angelchan: the cleanser foams well and is not dry afterwards, price is reasonable (bought it at HK200)

Review by pink_cosmos:
Water(Aqua). Myristic Acid. Glycerin. Potassium Hydroxide. Stearic Acid. Glyceryl Stearate SE. Sodium Palmoyl Glutamate. Titanium Dioxide. Kaolin. Ceteth-30. Castor(Ricinus Communis) Oil. Tetrasodium Edta. Butylene Glycol. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate. Niacinamide. Apricot (prunus Armeniaca). Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Extract. Hydrolyzed Brassica Alba Seed Extract. Phenoxyethanol. Methylparaben. Ethylparaben. Propylparaben. Butylparaben.

Review by lizbert: I received a sample size of 7g, that I used for over a month, washing my face twice a day with it. And there's still enough remaining in the tube to last me for two more weeks! You need to use just a teeny-tiny bit, and it foams so well, leaving your face squeaky clean. I used it in conjunction with the Whitening Lotion and Whitening Milk also from Faircrea, and I noticed a definite whitening of the face by a shade or two. I love this product!

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Renee Rouleau Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser

Review by ninanina: This is an extemely gentle cleanser that is great if your skin is irritated or very dry. I use it in the winter when my combo skin dries out in the cold weather or when my face is irritated. It has the most unique feel of any cleanser I've used. Non foaming, it has a great deal of 'slip' and it slides over your skin with a very slick feeling and rinses very clean leaving your face soft. It's bufferred with cocoa butter. It WILL NOT remove makeup well at all, but I still like this product alot and recommend giving it a try for something gentle. This is fairly expensive as cleansers go for 27.50 for 6oz but a little goes a long way and I rank this up there as one of the best cleansers out there. It also smells divine!

Review by beckibabe: For sensitive combo skin, it works very nice. Face is left clean, but not stripped. Most importantly, no irritation. Packaging is standard pop top...I prefer pump for cleansers. It has a natural scent, but not overpowering. I found it perfect for summer. For winter, it left me a little tight. Cleanser of choice for humid months.

Review by SisleyAus: This product doesn't seem to thoroughly remove my makeup. When I use the toner, I see more makeup on the cottonball. It doesn't dry my skin out, which is very nice, but I wish it would remove my makeup better (and I wear very little foundation as it is). I have found that if I massage it in longer, it gets a bit more makeup off. I have used less expensive cleansers in the past that took off more makeup. I don't mean to complain about Renee's products, because overall they seem to work well. I guess for the price, I would want something better than "well".
On another note, the facial I had at the salon was fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone!

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