which face cleanser is good?3 easy to use face cleansers

By Vicky

which face cleanser is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use face cleansers !


Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar

Review by shimmering: I am an avid user of Mary Kay Products for 20 years. I have oily/combo skin and this bar keeps my acne under control. It lasts forever. I feel like since it soaps up that it is really working and I hardly ever have a breakout except hormonal.

Review by francesca39: This product works geat for my oily skin! And I do not get breakouts that often ( mostly Hormonal) The price is a little steep but it does seem to last forever! And it comes with a nice case. I still feel the need to use a toner though, so I use witch Hazel. The smell isn't that great but it evaporates quickly and helps to keep my skin clear and it is natural. Then I follow up with the timewise moisturizer. This soap is great! Will deffinetly repurchase! You would spend more money just trying out other products!!

Review by Bethany09: i love this product! it's easier for me to use then a regular crea cleanser and i think the bar will last forever. sine i have been using it, my acne has cleared up significantly and when i do break out,m they seem to go away alot fast. it's not terrible drying and has a nice,m sooth lather. you feel really clean when you use this. i have the whole timewise line, most of the opther products i can do without but i really love this cleanser.

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Olay Oil Of Olay - Clear Skin Cloths

Review by Lyssa2676: BEST FACIAL CLEANSER EVER!!! My skin has never been so clear.

Review by sjcsmall: I have acne-prone/oily/sensitive skin that requires an effective, yet gentle, cleanser. This is a tall order, though, since most of the ingredients that make a cleanser effective are too harsh for my skin. I do not have that problem with these cloths - they remove all traces of dirt, makeup, and oil, without drying or irritating my skin in the least. I use them every day, morning and night, with no problems whatsoever. And I haven't had a single breakout since starting to use them!

Review by julie9536: I've been using these for about 2-3 months. They really work! I hardly have any breakouts anymore.

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Alpha Hydrox Optimum Series Facial Moisturizing Cleanser

Review by kit_kat68: This cleanser foams and feels like velvet, really soft and luxurious , love this about it. It cleanses really good and rinses off completely , there is no residue behind at all. After the washing, the skin is not dried out, another great thing. It is relatively cheap too. The only thing that really sucks about this cleanser is the it comes into a tub and every time I use it I just press (gently though) it comes out to much . A pomp would definitely be better. Overall , great cleanser, much better then a lot of high end cleansers. It didn?t break me out at all either.

Review by bobsy: This dries my face out while the regular cleanser does not. This one does not leave a residue but I also feel it didn't rinse as clean. I like the squeeze tube packaging better though.

Review by peachy905: This is a GREAT cleanser -- I had to buy this when the store was out of the AlphaHydrox Foaming wash and I was very skeptical it would work for my summertime oily skin, but it was amazing. However, it is slightly drying and not at all moisturizing like it says -- just beware. I'm using my OoO scrubbie cloths right now -- AH is too drying for me in the winter.

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