which face cleanser is good?3 best face cleansers

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By Monica

which face cleanser is good?Let's see the 3 best face cleansers !


Elizabeth Arden Vissible Difference Oil Control Refining Cleanser

Review by didion0312: this is an okay cleanser, i like the self-foaming dispenser, and it does clean my face, however there does not seem to be much of a scent, and I like my things to smell fresh and clean, especially in the morning in the shower, helps wake me up! does not dry my oily face out, but does leave it clean. I think there are better things out there

Review by nina: Mediocre product with little redeeming about it.

Review by Jessimau: I like this foam cleanser. It made my clean feel clean and smooth, without being harsh or drying. Would reccommend to all with oily skin. I may even try using it in the winter.

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La Mer The Cleansing Foam

Review by mriaow: Got this as a gift, otherwise I would probably hesitate before investing 65 in a cleanser. But so far so good, I have only used it a few times and liked it fairly well. It foams nicely, takes off sunscreen and leaves skin feeling clean but not stripped. I have very sensitive skin which is on the dry side, so harsh cleansers will leave me with red patches and flaky areas; the La Mer Cleansing Foam is gentle enough which is a huge plus. Scent is on the stronger side, I would prefer less but can live with it. A little goes a long way which makes the price tag a little less intimidating. I indicated that I will likely repurchase, based on my experience with this product so far, I will update if my ratings change.

Review by Viognier: it smells nice feels amazing and cleans well its a little drying But for the full size its just priced way to high for a face wash.

Review by ahappyplace: love love love this cleanser! makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed. washes away my makeup too!! i found this better than SK-II.

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Bath and Body Works pure simplicity milk thistle

Review by kerroppifreak: The packaging for this is very simple and elegant, and it looks good on the bathroom counter. The cleanser itself reminds me of Cetaphil - creamy, though a little on the thin side. It doesn't lather much at all. Don't think it smells much like milk, but the scent is still pleasant. I found it tingled a little when I applied it to my face, but it was not irritating. My skin felt clean afterwards, but not tight or dry. The few times I used it, I didn't break out. I can't say for sure what would happen over a longer period of time. I believe I'll repurchase it. It wouldn't work well to take off makeup, but as another reviewer mentioned, it makes a great morning cleanser.

Review by mielr: i love this product because i have very dry skin and i don't have to use a lot because it is so heavy. the smell is great. the on;y thing that i don't like is the cap...this has worked miracles for my skin. it leaves my skin feeling great.

Review by minnielouse: I was hesitant to try this product because I have very sensitive skin, but I work at BBW and got swept up in the excitement. While I absolutely love the Pure Simplicity body care, this product was awful for me. I felt like it literally set my face on fire. And the burning sensation lasted all day even after I rinsed it off-it felt like I had a sunburn.............

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