which eyeshadow ranking first?3 top eyeshadows compare

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By Christina

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows compare!


NYX Gypsy

Review by Suzy_h: this eyeshadow is completely brown. i see no complexity to it at all. just brown with gold glitter. i mean, its alright and all. just kind of....meh. the packaging is not great but serves its purpose. i have to admit that i kind of bought this because of the name. i'm a sucker for cute/creative color names and "gypsy" caught my attention. but i won't repurchase if the day ever comes that i run out only because of how simple the color is. it is very smooth but not greatly pigmented. again, just....meh.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Beautiful color!!! i use it almost everyday! Like a brown with burgundy and shimmer. I bet its safe for all skin tones.

Review by lmharte: I got this in a swap and I love it. It's like a reddish bronze color with shimmer. It has the same creamy texture that all the NYX shadows have. This one's a keeper!

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Chantecaille Protect Paradise Eye Compact

Review by pink_cosmos: I am shocked how much I love this palette. I bought it few months ago and only used it few times. Few days ago I decided to do a chantecaille week and use all my chante stuff - so I used this. the gray all over, light fish highlight, ang blue (turquoise) as liner over a black liner. Also on waterline. The shadows are unbelievably smooth and last all day - even on waterline. they blend super easy too. I just can't have enougth of it! It's a favorite of mine! I never felt I want to wear something for few days in a row - unless I am on holiday with limited stash!

Review by oneofmylies99: First of all the packaging caught my eye, also the whopping price tag, (esp. to get it here to Canada, lol!).
This is a beautiful, shimmery compact for the eyes. The first colour is a shimmery, peachy-gold shade, I like to use it as a highlighter.
The second shade as a darker , shimmery ( glowy) green, not glittery. I like to use this in the crease.
The third shade, and most of the compact is a lovely light medium grey-green.
These are shades I would not normally use, but work great on my dark brown eyes.

Review by Lola_Bear: This is so beautiful i weep to use it. The colors look natural and last long considering the frost. I like to use the turquise as an eye liner.This is a large compact and wil last forver.The shades are dressy enough, yet natural enough for a bride. All come in the typical silver Chantecaille container with a storage piece below for 2 eyeshadow brushes. Then it is housed in a pretty silk bag.

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Ulta Organza

Review by cgosyne: There is such a huge amount of product for the price---great value! The color itself is a silver/mauve/lilac with a bit of taupe mixed in. I really like how it looks applied wet---very shiny, almost metallic looking. The staying power is pretty good---no creasing, but at the end of the day it's faded about halfway off. I think for a less expensive shadow, this performs as well as high-end brands.

Review by Olive143: Most pink mauve eye shadows look terrible on me - people ask me what's wrong and do I feel ok? This one is dynamite, it is the most beautiful lilac mauve pink and makes my whole face glow. And I usually wear peaches! This eye shadow is great, I do usually love Ulta, but this one is special. I am already planning to buy one or two backups. And look for its peach equivalent!

Review by lorrainer07: This is a BEAUTIFUL mauve/burgundy color with a slight sheen that makes brown eyes pop. I love the way this looks! I got it in a quad with silk, twilight, and gunmetal. I love all the colors in there, so I would def reccomend picking up this super smooth color!

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