which eyeshadow ranking first?3 recommended eyeshadows

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By Vicky

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadows !


Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow - Ombre Essentielle - Ivory

Review by kat_25: I am disappointed with the color -- it is ivory in the pan, but gold on my lids. I will probably swap it, because I already have GA #9, and I will probably never wear this.
However, quality-wise, you can't find much better e/s. Silky, blendable, classy looking, not frosty. I said that I would buy again. I would and I will -- not this color, though.

Review by julie9536: I adore this ivory color, it is the perfect mix of ivory and gold that makes my brown eyes light up. The shadow is very pigmented, needing only one sweep of my brush to get lots of color. Every shadow creases on me so I use a base (also by Chanel) and the color lasts all day. These are by far the best Chanel eyeshadows and I look forward to buying more colors.

Review by Ellz: Ivory - looks white-ish and shimmery in the compact but when applied has a beautiful gold tone to it. It is a lovely shade that is a great "base" or "neutral" lid color. Though shimmer is a no-no for older women, this isn't so shimmery that your eyes look crepe-y. Most ivory eye shadow looks too white on my eyes and too cool for my ruddy/yellow/red combo skin color, this one was perfect. Gave my eyes a wide awake look without that ghost look that true whites/ivory can sometimes do. It was a wonderful find and one I would definitely repurchase. Staying power was the same for most eyeshadows thought with the UDPP, it was there for the entire work day. Blended well with other non-Chanel eyeshadows too.

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Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow - 19 Enigma

Review by shopgirl087: I bought one, then I bought a back up.
I love this quad probably more than I love my other Chanel quads.. and I have a respectable number of them... but this one can go from soft day looks to more sophisticated and important night looks with smokier looking eyes. The colours if used wet for night stay on until the following day.. I have tested them for this lol.
The price? high, but Chanel quality shines in this one.. the shadows are smooth, not chalky and full of pigment.

Review by misswillow: I am very fair with lots of eye lid space so I cannot do a smokey eye without it looking over-the-top. Until I purchased this quad! The three dark colors are dark, but sheer, so it works for me. The picture attached to the reviews for this item is a really good picture. The pink has a gold sheen so it doen't scream pink when worn, b/c the gold really warms it up. The other colors: khaki, gray, and dark purple all have fine sparkles in them, but I do not experience fall out as the other girls below. If sparkles can be classy, Chanel's the brand that can do it. I love this quad and it's totally worth the price tag. and one more note: swatches of this palette seem to look terrible, so don't go by swatches even it you swatch it on yourself. I'm not sure why it doesn't swatch good.

Review by blacklittlepig: Ugh...This quad is perfection. I'm loving it. I appreciate the fact that I can blend the colours out for a more low-key, daytime look or really layer them on for a heavier night look.
The colours all work together - typical of a Chanel quad. I also like to use the darker colours wet with an eyeliner brush instead of pencil eyeliner as I personally feel that it ties the whole look in - it looks more polished imo.
For me it lasts really well. For instance I did my makeup this morning at around 8am and it's now 10:41pm and there's only the smallest hint of fading.
I have light blue eyes and pale, pale skin and this compliments both my eye and skin colour. In all, this is a beautiful quad and it doesn't fail to deliver :-)

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Becca Eye Colour Powder (Shimmer) in Lurex

Review by CherryBlossom03: I love this e/s as a wash. On me it takes a golden tone but I am PPP cool to neutral. I love the way it blends and lasts all day. It gives a gorgeous finish with just the right amount of shimmer that is not frosty or glittery. It shows up well and is easy to use. I also love the sturdy packaging.

Review by aml1: I agree with what another reviewer said: if you were to mix Stila Wheat and Oasis, Lurex is what you would get. Except that Lurex isn't as silky and pigmented as Stila shadows are. Still, it's a nice e/s and I can layer it to get more intensity. This combined with Shantung really makes my eyes look blue.

Review by Viognier: I agree with the previous reviewers, Lurex is very similar to Stila Wheat, but less taupey and thus more flattering on my Mac NC30 complexion. The quality of the shadow itself isn't as soft and pigmented as Stila shadows, but they are still very good quality. My only gripe is the price - and size of the actual shadow. You get a Mac-sized shadow for the price of Scott Barnes, and I have a feeling most of the price goes to producing the metal and rubber packaging which is very durable, but unnecessary and wasteful in my opinion. Nevertheless, I'm glad I got Lurex instead of Stila Wheat because I despise their cardboard packaging and wasn't about to buy a 4-pan just to house one eye shadow.

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