which eyeshadow ranking first?3 recommended eyeshadows reviews

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By Christina

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadows reviews!


MAC Pigment in Vanilla

Review by bossanovaville: This is a great pigment to use as an overall eye color or highlighter. I find that when using colors on your lid, blending a bit of this in the corner of your upper lids adds a nice dimension. Very neutral with a bit of a sheen.

Review by Carrie: I love this pigment the colour looks amazing on my eyes. It does turn from a white shade into a gold tone when blended but really makes my eyes pop no regrets here loving it.

Review by Dimitra: I LOVE this pigment! It is my very first pigment. It is great as a lid color, highlight color, anything. It also has that subtle duochrome finish to it; sometimes you'll see yellow-ish shade, sometimes it'll become this white frostly shade, maybe a beige-y shade would shine out at times. It's just the most wonderful pigment I've ever purchased.

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Giorgio Armani Eye Shadow #4

Review by bunnyrabbit: I'm just discovering that Armani line is all about texture. Their e/s is silky smooth and very blendable. #4 is a straight black, with a little shimmer to make it not so flat. It is rather pigmented, but very silky and blendable. Overall a very good e/s but I think I've seen the color in some other less expensive line.

Review by Farra: The PERFECT black powder shadow to use for lining. This is a matte rich black that has a hint of blue that gives it depth. Applied with a push brush along my lash line, it creates a subtle effect that is appropriate even for work. Wet, it creates a dramatic smoky eye. WOW. Much better than Stila Ebony or any of the MAC black shadows that I've tried.

Review by OutofControl: #4 is a wonderful soft black eye shadow. It's not chalky like a lot of other matte black shadows and blends beautifully. The texture is silky and I want to say there's a slight sheen (not shimmer though) in this eye shadow. It does apply a little on the sheer side with a brush but when used wet as a liner, it's beautiful. Since it's more of a soft black, it doesn't look as harsh when used as a liner but gives beautiful definition. It's a beautiful shade but definitely not one of the more unique ones in the Armani lines.

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Prestige Eye Shadow in Spark

Review by Alexis: i bought this because it looked kind of reddish rusty brown, but when i apply this to my lids it is a basic (but very pretty) metallic chocolatey brown. i don't notice too much plum or red in it - which is ok, because this is a perfect brown to use as a liner. i'm happy with this but am still going to splurge on UD and get a red - maybe gash or some other severe color ;) :X

Review by spitfireseven: Spark is gorgeous, go buy it, no one should be without it. It is a browny-burgandy-plummy shade. Hard to describe, not hard to wear. Go, now, and buy this. For 3, what do you have to lose?

Review by IMAproductwhore: outstanding shadow! this would get a rating of 5 all around regardless of the price. great texture, pigmentation, and very wearable color. it's as the others described, a reddish/burgundy/brown with a bit of shimmer (but not over the top). shows up nicely on my medium-dark asian skin tone. i doubt anybody would be disappointed with this one.

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