which eyeshadow ranking first?3 popular eyeshadows compare

By Marcella

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular eyeshadows compare!


Milani Classic Beige

Review by ciarar: This is my HG neutral e/s. Even if I don't get enough sleep or are sick, a little bit of this and I look bright-eyed and bushy tailed! Both of mine look more like a soft gold with no silver, so it looks really good with my neutral PPP skin. A must have even if you aren't a neutral e/s person!

Review by diachu21: more silvery than beige on me. and I do not look good in silver. I tried using this on the inner corners of my eye, and I did not like this. quality is still great, but this shade is not for me.

Review by spitfireseven: I just love my Milani shadows. Such lovely, satin texture and superior blendability. I want to eat them.

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Bobbi Brown Shore Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow

Review by francesca39: First, I just have to say I love this shadow!!! I agree with all the reviewers comments and especially how it compares to malted. I do have malted and have noticed it is a more pink based. I have several of her long wearing cream eyeshadows and this one is by far the best. The name "shore" is also perfect because it is a no fuss look like casual at the beach. I agree with the other reviews that this color is your eyelids but better look depending on your skin tone. I wear this just on the eyelid and it takes away the redness but looks natural. You could also wear this as a base too.
I have suede, stone, beach bronze, malted, burnished, navajo, and now shore. As you can see, I'm a big fan of her shadows.

Review by lmharte: Great base color. Very lasting, doesnt crease

Review by nemomemo: I've been a fan of Bobbi's Long-Wear Cream eyeshadow for a long time. I was so excited when the color Shore came out, and even more excited when I went home and tried it on. The skin around my eyes tends to be pink and this shadow does a great job of covering it up. It's a great color for days when I just want to apply makeup around my eyes. It looks very natural.

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Inglot Pigments

Review by funkybabe: excellent range of colours and cheap - producing beautiful striking colours - watch out MAC!!

Review by runty: Im really quite Impressed by these Pigments! They retail for around 25 AU each which makes them cheaper than that of the MAC pigments, and they are easily as good if not better! They have a huge colour range to choose from as well. I love MAC but from now on i will stick to buying Inglot pigments as they are cheaper and the colours are just as beautiful. Usually i only like things with a name but i am beggining to learn that labels arn't everything!

Review by guitarzan: such a goregeous rang of colours.
its just more difficult with numbers instead of names :( but i have 29 (yellow), 70 (teal), 62(greyish silver), 72 ( cornflower blue ) and i have many samples wich most of them unfortunatley do not have numbers.
my favourite of my samples was one alot like copper sparkle pigment by mac and one alot like rose gold pigment.
its such a shame inglot has closed down nearly everywhere around australia but! :( :(

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