which eyeshadow ranking first?3 popular eyeshadow brand

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By Vicky

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular eyeshadow brand!


Milani Enchanted by Love

Review by shimmering: I found 2 of these today BN at a local Meijer Food Store. I was shocked to find it because I know this is a super hard to find shade. This is a red with silver sparkles. I've never seen this shade in any other line. Very unique. I love the quality of Milani shadows. If you find this one, pick it up!

Review by Dimitra: This is, by far, my most favourite eyeshadow ever. I was just about to shell out 18 to restock my Matte Red pigment supply, but I stumbled upon this beauty. Looks just like Matte Red when applied wet. I think that it would be too bright for most people, but if you're like me and adore red eyeshadow, you definitely need to find this.

Review by pretty_please: I just love my Milani shadows. Such lovely, satin texture and superior blendability. I want to eat them.

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MAC Juxt eyeshadow

Review by Lola_Bear: A nice color that doesn't go on as green looking as it appears in the pan -- looks like a shimmery celery color to me

Review by diachu21: This green e/s looks GREAT on brown eyes. It's great to blend with other colours, and you can apply it wet or dry depending on the look you want. Such a great bright green shade, perfect for any skin tone!

Review by blacklittlepig: Really find this a staple when wearing green or blue eyeshadow. Actually was suprised it didnt have over a 90% rating because I grab for it so much. A pretty spring green. Reviewer below nailed the color when they said pistachio green. I even like this with my neutral shades when I feel they need some pep.

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Bobbi Brown Shimmer wash eyeshadow in Bronze

Review by London84: I LOVE this colour. I have been looking for a brown to sweep over my whole lid and this does the job beautifully. I usually go for more pinky browns, but this suits me waaay better. The shadow goes on nice and evenly and lasts all day. It is a golden brown. I will never be without this colour! I just hate the screw top lid....UPDATE Removed 2 lippies. This shadow has creased every time I wear it. At first I thought it was just that I had too much cream on my lids or something. I haven't had a powder shadow crease on me in years! Not even the cheap ones! And I never wear a primer. You shouldn't have to. I am sad as I love the colour. I'll still wear it, but a BB product should be better than that.

Review by edie4711: The color is a warm medium bronze that leans towards gold more than brown. It doesn't have noticeable brown tones and is not a reddish bronze, compared to MAC's bronze and mulch eyeshadow I think this is considerably lighter and without the reddish or brown tones that mulch and bronze have. In the pan it looks similar to Stila's oasis eyeshadow, but it's a little deeper less bright or gold. I love this eyeshadow because it's light enough to wear on the lid, but can still be worn in the crease and looks stunning on brown, blue and green eyes. It's a great color especially for summer and looks great on light and darker complexions. I love the texture of the shimmer wash eyeshadows and bronze is no different, very soft. Retails for approx. 18.

Review by cperry: Got this at Cosmetics Company Outlet, it's a very pretty shimmery bronze shade. You can build up the intensity of the color. And the texture is super silky and smooth.

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