which eyeshadow ranking first?3 good eyeshadows

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By Marcella

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 good eyeshadows !


Milani Eyeshadow Quad 02 Sedona Sunset

Review by didion0312: I purchased this eye shadow at my local walgreens about a year ago becuase I loved the colors and they would match perfectly with the color of my homecomming dress. I still have it today and it is my fav eyeshadow that I own. Together the colors make my blue eyes pop. Also lasts long and dosent crease.

Review by mriaow: Even though the shades make my cool-toned complexion look sickly, I'm still giving it a 5 for quality. The quad has a white-gold highlighter shade, a shimmery bronze, a matte taupe, and a shimmery burgundy brown. The shimmer in those 3 shades is very subtle and I find them pretty wearable. I am very impressed with the pigmentation and longevity of these shadows. I will absolutely be checking out other (cool-toned!) quads.

I do use the matte brown both to fill in and soften my brows and as a regular eyeshadow as it's pretty neutral and doesn't wash my out. Does anyone know what a similar shade by Mac or any other brand would be?

Review by abrilio: i've had this quad for years, and its still is my go to product for an easy eye combo. i take it everywhere, including on vacation. the packaging is a little cheap(my mirror fell off a long time ago), and its pointless to use the little brush/sponge applicator that come with it, but the eyeshadows themselves are great. i'd recommend everyone trying out this quad.

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New York Color City Duet in Upper Zest Side

Review by Lola_Bear: I will agree with some of the other reviewers, I wasn't expecting to like the yellow that much but I absolutely love it! The pigmentation is very good considering the price.

Review by Caligirl42990: These are a great deal. Wonderful bright matt colors for a very cheap price. You get 2 nice sized colors for only 3. I love them. Very pigmented and lasted a a very long time with my e.l.f. one dollar primer. I want to go back and buy all the other colors now.

Review by dlbd2k06: I found this baby on sale at CVS for .75! I'm not familiar with N.Y.C. e/s so I wasn't expecting much. I was very surprised. Both colors were very pigmented. I layered it over NYX Milk to make the color pop. This made it a little harder to blend, but I got it to work. I love how they are both matte. The orange shade is what I wanted NYX hot orange to be. But Hot Orange has huge flecks of glitter and itsn't matte. I think the packaging is very sleek. It's small and matte black. I would buy this again, but since it's a very bold look, it would probably take me a while to finish the product. If I find more of these NYC e/s on sale, I'm gonna buy them all up!

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Bobbi Brown Rich Brown Eye Shadow

Review by Farra: Love this shade. Warmer and softer than Espresso for the paler days. Cannot find this quality and depth of color in other lines, usu the browns are too pale too show up against my skin and they make me look dirty. This name is perfect for the shade, a rich warm brown. Little will last you a long time, would certainly repurchase.

Review by askewchick: I bought this b/c it has great reviews as a shadow liner. But I can't see anything good about it other than the color, but this color is quite common (mac's brown down and estee lauder's chocolate are a few). It's a deep brown with reddish undertones, the color I love. Sadly, two hours after I lined my eyelids, it left my eyelid and went underneath my eyes. There's nothing I hate more than smudges that make me look exhausted. Punchline: it's EXPENSIVE! I know I get a lot of product but... it's more wasted product and money when it doesn't work for me. :/

Review by peachy905: Fabulous Bobbi B quality (great texture, great pigment, fabulous see-through top) on this eyeshadow however I'm not a fan of the actual color. It's too 'warm' for my cool-toned taste and I much prefer the Mahagony eyeshadow as a liner from Bobbi Brown.

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