which eyeshadow ranking first?3 effective eyeshadows comparison

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which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows comparison!


NYX Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow-Blue Pearl

Review by Farra: These NYX pigments are amazing! If you use them wet they look like liquid metal, absolutely gorgeous. I prefer natural colours myself, but when I wear bright colours I love making a blue smokey eye with this! It's literally what the name says it is, it's opalescent - not shimmery. Use it wet and it's even more opalescent. Very opaque, a little goes a long way! These pigments will last you forever! The container these come in are useless so what I do is buy empty lip balm containers with the screw top lid and put the pigments in there. Works perfectly and saves a lot of mess!

Review by Bonnie2842: It reminds me of deep truth or contrast by MAC. Very pretty. Was lemming a really dark shimmery navy blue but didnt want to spend 14-15 on it because its not a color I would wear every day or to often but for going out OMG it will look gorgeous!!!!
EDIT:Wearing this today with stars n rockets on lid and Blue Ice in crease and outer V....Have gotten sooo many compliments already. Its extremely pretty. Im SOOOO happy I brought this color. I am using UDPP as a base but then again I do that with all my shadows. I would totally buy this again and again. MAC NC50 Studio Fluid...I do agree with other reviewer who said this is an extremely hard color to find. Its also soft so keep that in mind when trying to travel with this baby.

Review by JT14: This is a deep metallic pearlescent midnight blue that goes on very smoothly. Great deal for 3.99!

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Sally Girl Sally Girl Beige

Review by mz654: This inexpensive Beige shadow (1) has the silky quality and coverage of those that are 20 times its price! I plan on buying more of these in different shades...no applicator but that's okay, I like to use my own anyway! Apparently these minis connect together..I'll have to try that...

Review by taskeeng: Picked these up at Sally's for only 99 cents each. The quality is okay for a 99 cent eyeshadow. These lack major pigment, and at least for the matte shades I bought- dont come off very well. This is a true beige but leaning on the darker beige side, the top layer has tiniest almost undetectable amount of shimmer but none underneat. Reminds me a lot of mac grain. Sally girl neutral shadows look like mac knock offs and I love that. I was very pleased with the color selection, price, and how they come in individual compact but can connect to each other.

Review by Capprii: Cute little compact, but this particular shadow is very light and frosty. Not a frosty as some MAC shadows, though. I'd buy again, but it works best as a highlighter.

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Clinique Colour Surge Rum Spice

Review by drusilladru: The perfect brown shadow for my green eyes and PPP complexion. Love doing a smoky eye with this and deep blue liner (sounds weird, but try it!). Great staying power - especially when paired with a good primer.

Review by guitarzan: I've been searching for the perfect brown e/s for a long time and this is a good one, I love wearing this in my crease, very pretty shimmery brown. minimal to no fallout depending on the brush. blends well. this is my second favorite brown e/s my first favorite being the brown side of the clinique strawberry fudge e/s duo.

Review by blacklittlepig: Love Clinique shadows and I'm sure this is a great color for some people but not for me. Way too dark, way to red toned.

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