which eyeshadow ranking first?3 effective eyeshadow brand

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which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadow brand!


Smashbox Single Eye Shadow in Smashing Deadline

Review by London84: I got this in the QVC Special Value set called 'Camera Ready'. This shadow is a very pretty peachy-apricot with a bit of golden shimmer. I thought it would be a good replacement for Urban Decay 'X'. But the problem with this shadow lies in its texture. It is somewhat hard, and even with a good primer, I could not get this to show up. The shadow doesn't want to come off onto my brush. I am going to try the trick of putting scotch tape over the surface to remove it and get to the shadow underneath, but overall this shouldn't be this way, but I know of good quality shadows that this happens to, so I will definitely try it. If the texture wasn't so poor, this would be my new base shade. Especially pretty for spring and summer. Hopefully I can make it work.

Review by Jaie: I like this for a neutral browbone color. Doesn't show up as peach-pink looking as you'd think, just a subtle wash of color that blends nicely with many other colors for lid or crease. Subtle, basic, not too shimmery. It's not exciting, but it's a good basic.

Review by sjcsmall: Smashing Deadline is a shimmery peachy shade. Problem is the color doesnt show up too much. Its harder than most Smashbox shadows and you just see slight shimmer without a lot of peach color. Comes packaged in a single shadow pot with twist off top. Retails for 16. Very pretty color in the pot but not as great on the lid.

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NARS Barbuda (single, Fall 2004)

Review by mriaow: Love, love, love this! Bought this a day after seeing the model on the Sephora catalog wearing it. To all of those girlies out there complaining about this not staying on - try my method - it will stay on!! Apply MAC Stilife (or untitled, or bare canvas) paint over your eyelid up to and on browbone. Then with a little rounded brush (I use MAC 217) pick up plenty of color, blow off extra and lightly wash over eyelids. Then subtly blend in the crease and darken a couple times! If you want dramatic a tiny black eye kohl smudged looks good on lash line! Would absolutely buy again, looks awesome with my ppp skin and blue eyes!

Review by cosmokid: Another hit from NARS -- just the kind of purply mauve I wanted! I am a GGG/hazel eyes and this looks so natural on me and can be worn anytime for any occasion. 2 thumbs up!

Review by kimby83: The color is as described a plummy taupe, yet it defies description in it's complexity and beauty. Beautiful neutral that looks completely polished and subtle, yet not boring. Also it offers a great alternative to brown shadow without looking like you are trying too hard or looking like a clown. It has the subtlest shimmer that it is unnoticeable yet adds definition. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.

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Maybelline Roller Color - Make a Move Mauve

Review by dontblink15: I love the color, its a subtle pink-ish color with shimmer (I have PPP skin). You do have to layer it on if you want a more intense color on your lids.
About the roller packaging, I'm actually one of the few who like the roller ball thingy....it works well for me and I find its actually more convenient than dealing with the tiny sponge applicators that come with the powder eyeshadows. The roller works best if you tap it on the back of your hand first and use short, light strokes to apply the color. You do have to use a finger to blend it evenly. But I like how the tube packaging is easy to carry around in a purse too...no risk of spillage, and more shatter proof than the powder eyeshadows. Its a bit more expensive though.

Review by munchlaxy: I have these in Make A Move Mauve and Roller Rink Pink. They are both really pretty but i took off a lip because they don't roll on very well and you still have to blend then after you roll them on. What's the point of having it roll on if you have to still mess with it afterwards? I really like the sparkle they have, though.

Review by diachu21: I've owned this eye shadow in Make a Move Mauve for over a year and it's not showing signs of running out, and I use it daily! I have dry sensitive skin and this glides over my lids without a problem.
The roller ball worked better after the first few uses. I tend to apply this shadow over a light dusting of powder; this ensures it stays on longer. After a long day I find some sparkles on my upper cheeks, but there will still be color on my lids.
This slightly mauve shimmer shadow matches my coloring perfectly; I have fair skin and dark blonde hair with reddish tones. I have blue eyes, and this is the perfect color to let them sparkle through. I can dress it up or down by adding layers. I will purchase again as it is cheap and I can't live without the color.

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