which eyeshadow ranking first?3 easy to use eyeshadows

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which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadows !


Avon True Color Powder Eyeshadow Duo - Pink Garden

Review by stephanie32082: this is the only avon eyeshadow that i would buy again. i love these two light colors. they are perfect for a spring look

Review by OutofControl: This is my favorite pink eyeshadow! I have fair skin with brown hair and blue eyes and when I use this eyeshadow and wear pink - my eyes POP!
The only problem is that they're discontinued this color, which I wasn't happy to hear.
I also use Avon's Pink Sunrise duo, which is quite similar...but still not the same.

Review by shopgirl087: This a very nice shadow duo. Both shade can be worn alone. And sometime I swirl my blush brush over them to get a pink blush which works wonderful, too. It doesn't stay 8 hours, but more like half of that. Though the product itself is great as can be, pinkish color really don't suit me. They make me look like beaten up. So, I would not buy them again, but they are great stuff. I'd recommend them to people with more fair skin and deeper eyes.

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Stila Shadow Pots Eye Mousse in Honey

Review by fitnessa: When i first got this i was SO disappointed as i love the other colours in the eye pot range ... honey was too light and didnt do anything for me. I have now discovered its true potential.
I use it before every eye application as a base. In this role, its a shimmery neutral that gives every other colour a true chance to look brilliant on my lids.
And - it keeps MAC pigments and other shadows crease free all day (if i dont use it, eye colour is gone by midday!)
I dont have to use much so i dont think i will run out of it.

Review by leeyao: I picked this up at Sephora for 8 when they started to clear out Stila stock. The color Honey is a pretty champagne nude, with high shimmer. It is not glittery, but is very frosty/metallic with basically any level of application. The product is cool and creamy. While I love the color and texture, the wear doesn't compete with Merle Norman mousse shadow, which I love. Pretty for a highlight or wash, but not something I couldn't duplicate with another color with a longer wear.

Review by coolRED: A very shimmery champagne colour. It applies really easily and lasts all day, but the high level of shimmer is just not flattering applied all over the lid. I could only use this in the centre of the lid, so given the amount in the pot, most of it went to waste. I wouldn't repurchase since there are better and more flattering cream shadows from other companies out there.

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Annabelle Eyeshadow # 121

Review by JettNY: Annabelle's #121 is a camelion type colour which looks like a neutral beige-pinky in the pan but comes alive on the skin (I am medium skinned with oily lids). You have to try the sample out at the store. It is fantastic. Best of all, Annabelle shadows are EASY to de-pot and have enough adhesive on them to make them stick in MAC pallets when they are romoved. I have more than half the colours they offer and they are truly excellent shadows...not to mention the fabulous price which to me is a bonus.

Review by kimmie578: I could kick myself for all the times I passed on this colour! It's a gorgeous shimmery taupe-y colour that is perfect for everyday. In the pot it looks like a dupe of CG Taupe. I don't think it would matter what colour your eyes are, this shadow would flatter you. As most Annabelle eyeshadows, it comes in a sturdy black, flip-top pot, wears extremely well and is at a fantastic price. Would buy again and again.

Review by bobsy: I LOVE this colour! It is a whitish-beige with a cool light pink undertone and a little (very) little sparkle. It is highly pigmented and even looks great when I apply it with my fingers. I have blue-green eyes and this colour really makes my eyes "pop". Best of all, it was on sale at Pharmasave for only 3 CAD! What an excellent deal for a great product! I will definitely be returning tomorrow to pick up a few more shades :) Highly recommend this to anyone with pale-medium fair skin!

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