which eyeshadow ranking first?3 easy to use eyeshadow compare

By Elena

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow compare!


Bare Escentuals Bahamas Glimpse

Review by ooliedonna: A very pretty color, but it seemed to clump up all over my eyelid instead of spreading evenly, which was really weird. The other BE glimmers don't seem to do that. However, the color is soooo fabulous. The only way I can wear this is by very lightly applying with a precision eyeshadow brush to the inner corners, which does look quite pretty. I'm just a tad annoyed that it looks too clumpy over the entire lid. I'm still using it, though!

Review by Bethany09: This is a new shade from BE and is a really very pretty petal pink shade, this being a glimpse has much less shimmer than the glimmers. This comes in a sifter style pot which is great for those accidental spills! This is a really wearable shade and I am very fair so shows up just right on me, I have tried a little on my cheeks too and loved it.

Review by fuxxy: I really love this color. It's a perfect shimmery base color, or it can even be worn alone for those more natural days. I highly reccomend it. It's almost a cooler (violet undertones) pink shade that looks pretty sheer with a light hand.

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LORAC Delight

Review by dlbd2k06: I love this shadow! It stays on forever, and is made to be used wet and dry so it doesn't leave a film. The color goes on just as strong as it is in the pot, and I love it with my MAC Nocturnelle for a purple smokey eye. Gorgeous!

Review by mriaow: I discovered LORAC in my favorite Sephora shop in Paris and I love it!!!
"Delight" is a very beautiful color for brown eyes, the powder is sweet and fine, it is a very long lasting eye shadow.
I will buy another in other colors too!

Review by bobsy: i wish i could wear this color...it looks stunning in the container: an iridescent pink/fuschia. unfortunately, once applied, it turns into a terrible looking hot pink . too bad for me, but it seems to look great on others.

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MAC Mutiny Pigment-Naughty Nauticals

Review by pink_cosmos: This was first released in the Naughty Nautical collection, and then again for the Rose Romance collection. It is a beautiful bright bold blue with tons of shimmer, that kind of reminds me of looking up into a clear blue sky.
One downside to this pigment is that it is very sheer. This pigment reminds me of the "Reflects Glitter of..." pigments, because it is soo sheer. I normally use this over a light blue shadow that is very similar, just so I get the full affect.
Using alone it still gives you an amazing affect, but you REALLY need a primer, it is extremely necessary unless you want quite a bit of mess on your hands. The only reason I lowered the rating of it is because you really need to use another blue shadow to get the same color that you see in the pigment bottle, otherwise it is still a beautiful color.

Review by jlinh2u: LOVELY ....I adore this , soft , subtle and sweet!

Review by belle2216: My mom bought me this because she "liked the color". Well, a bright blue isn't good for school or work, so it's kind of been rotting away in my makeup drawer. However, I used it for a friend's 80s party, and DANG! This color is BEAUTIFUL (if not day-time appropriate) and shows up exceedingly well. It stays on for a long time, but comes off easily. I wish I had gotten this in a more natural color, but oh well. Also, I don't like how it's packaged. I'm always afraid I'll spill it.

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