which eyeshadow ranking first?3 best eyeshadow reviews

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By Tifanny

which eyeshadow ranking first?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadow reviews!


Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Chambord

Review by blacklittlepig: This eyeshadow lasts forever. This is probably my absolutely favorite eyeshadow I don't wear it everyday but whenever I have a special occasion or want to look really dazzling this is the eyeshadow I go to. It's a plummish color, almost violet, and has the slightest shimmer, it's great when you're looking for a smoldering sexy eye and dont want to resort to using grey or black. I usually pair it with LM's Guava eyeshadow (as the base color). I have a brown eyes and the purple really makes them stand out

Review by Elixir: This shadow is nearly same with Black plum but with little shimmer which you don't really notes. I love the two colors they look great on any color of eyes I have brown eyes but also use blue contacts . I use this for smoke eyes and i adore it Is very long lasting as all LM shadows.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I love the consistency of LM shadows and they also have decent staying power. Chambord is a beautiful shimmering "not too dark" violet that is beautiful on green eyes. It works well in the crease or over the lid for a more dramatic evening look.

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MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

Review by catlover9_9: I heard about this from a friend who went into the MAC store and the lady telling her about this paint pot that shows the true colors of the shadow on your lids much better than just primer. Well I don't quite agree that it shows the true color, but with my primer and this paint pot, my shadow definately lasts longer. I think I do need one thats slightly darker(i don't know if there is one, my hubby got me this one for xmas), so if and when I run out, I may do that.
At first I didn't like it at all. I didn't notice a change from when using it and not using it. But then after I tried it for a week I came to like it. I now use it about 75% of the time when doing my make up, especially if I am going out for the night or want to make my make up last.
I'd recommend it, but I can live without it too.

Review by Lola_Bear: loooove this thing. its my perfect base. i was thinking of getting painterly, but it was too pink for my skintone. im so glad i found soft ochre-its a good base for my e/s, lets my udpp last longer (cuz i dont have to use it as much), makes my e/s go on more smoothly and it doesnt crease!! for reference, im nc35, latina dark hair, dk brown eyes.

Review by tetrakis: This is the perfect base. My eyeshadow did not crease all day. I love the color, it provides a very neutral base. A must have.

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Lancome Colour Focus Candid

Review by leeyao: Love this one. A perfect praline shimmer. works great on the base. This is quite shimmery. even a tad golden.

Review by Susie31: candid is a slightly shimmery orange-gold shadow that wears well and doesn't fade or crease on my lids. its not really a unique shade in my opinion, but still quite beautiful. its similar in color to mac's amber lights without the sometimes overwhelming frost that amber lights has. it blends easily and like some of the other reviews mention, it does a great job of bringing out my green eyes. definitely worth the i spent on it and i will repurchase.

Review by blyss: Wow, this color is so pretty! It's a golden, shimmery shade that wears beautifully and doesn't crease. The texture is super silky and easy to blend. Sometimes all I wear is this and some black mascara on my eyes, and it makes my brown eyes pop. Love it.

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