which eyeshadow is the best?3 top eyeshadows brand

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By Fiora

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows brand!


Stila Sparkle eyeshadow

Review by misswillow: This is a pretty shimmery olive gold color. It applies very smoothly and is very well pigmented. This shade brings out my brown eyes and is very complimentary to my Asian NC30 skintone. It is similar to MAC Sumptuous Olive, but more gold toned.

Review by YolandaMC: This is a beautiful medium gold shade, no orange undertones, just a nice brownish gold. I'd say it's a few shades lighter than Golightly and a little darker than the Gold shadow pot. I've been wearing it all over the lid but it can also be applied wet for a more intense effect. Love it!!

Review by pinktulip: I wore this today for the first time, I have brown eyes and someone actually told me my eyes looked lighter, like a caramel brown...The eyeshadow works great on dark eyes! The packaging is horrific, and very cheap.

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Beauticontrol Eye Shadow Duo in Fashion Slave

Review by mashafromrussia: Our babysitter's sister sells Beauticontrol, so I ordered a few things. I'm a m/u sophisticate (some may say "snob") and I am quite impressed with the products! Fashion Slave eyeshadow is a rather novel color duo, pearly bright yellow-gold and matte deep turquoise. The texture is very silky and highly pigmented; the color lasted 10 hours with no creasing (I did use a cream e/s as a base). These are shadows to have pure fun with-- about as far from "natural looking" as they come! They blend together into a very lovely grass green, or the yellow-gold can be used as a lid wash and the turquoise as liner. These shadows are every bit as good as my MAC and Shiseido products, and better than NARS IMHO! Nice sizable compact, too, with a decent applicator. Total net wt. is .28 oz, which is huge for eyeshadows!

Review by AokiJ: This is a BEAUTIFUL product! The teal and gold together are just simply stunning. I would use the teal as a base color and the GOLD as a liner. Stunning combination. Similar in quality to MAC.

Review by rebec75: This is a review for the Conga Line duo. The color is a burnished mauve on one side and a matte pink on the other. Gorgeous. Blendable. I need to pick up more of these shadows. The quality is excellent.

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NYX Trio- orange/golden orange/peach

Review by Leelee57: I bought this palette at a fragrance store for 10US. The orange is kind of a sienna hue, the golden-orange is more of a light-med brown and the peach is an orangey-peach. These eyeshadows are a nice shimmery nude on my NC35 skin - absolutely beautiful for a natural summer look; unfortunately, the shades are too similar to be used together at the same time. I put all three shades on one eyelid and it just looked like one singular shimmery shade. Also, they are more for adding shimmer to the eyelid...don't expect too much pigmentation. The shimmer is really fine..I wouldn't call it "sparkly". This palette looks great with a bronzed summer look. Typical NYX quality: soft, blendable, long-lasting, a definate must for NYX eyeshadow collectors.

Review by lorraine07: Oh my gosh I got a bunch of trios and I just started to use this and its great. All three colors are so soft and buttery in the pan I can apply it on my eyes with just my fingers and they have the texture of cream shadows almost. The color on the left, orange is my favorite color in here it is gorgeous!. It is a peachy pink with a sheen to it. The middle color, golden orange is a warm, orangy peachy bronze. The third color is peach, which is a rusty peach color with a golden sheen. All three colors have some degree of a gold sheen to them. They are all very blendable and stay on well like most of the NYX shadows. I don't like wearing all three colors together because they are all so warm and have so much good sheen to them that its like overdoing it with all that warmth. Individually, these are beautiful colors. Definately a must have.

Review by CancerianPrincess: I really really like this trio! The colours are all so smooth and blendable. I wouldn't use the three all together, as they are too similar to one another. They are great colours though, especially golden orange, which is such a vibrant, pigmented shadow! A+ for the formula and pigmentation, NYX!

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