which eyeshadow is the best?3 popular eyeshadows comparison

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By Sara

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 popular eyeshadows comparison!


Urban Decay Big Bang eyeshadow

Review by AutumnBliss: i love this. i wanted something like mac fuchsia pigment, but on me this looks more violet, a very bright, pinkish violet, while fuchsia pigment looks redder. i love this (repeat). it's pigmented and absolutely brilliant.
i'm starting to love ud more than mac.
(for reference, i'm ggg.)

Review by kitkat85: i'm bad and don't take off my makeup at night. well, the next day, there it was, still very bright. very well pigmented and eye-catching

Review by Cordelia: I love this color, altho I don't use it often. A little goes a looong way and I love this as a liner.

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Christian Dior 770-Pink Idol

Review by Jaie: At first I didn`t like this palette because it seemed to sheer but I gave it a chance and now it is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes ever.It is very dry and therefore is great for persons with oily lids,these stay all day long,it is amazing.Colors are beautiful,it is true you need to put more layers,but result is perfect.I only don`t use much the pink one in the middle,but other 4 colors are great.

Review by sophie_tan: I used to say that Incognito was my favorite quint. This was before I met Pink Idol. I'm NC20, reddish blonde hair, with green eyes, and this palette is one of the nicest I've had. It moved easily from day to night. For an nice day look, I wear the golden peachy pink color all over my lid over Rubenesque paint pot. Then I apply the gorgeous purpley mauve in the crease. Finish it up with the whitish pink as the highlighter, and that's it. For night, I smoke it up a bit more with the purple color and apply more mascara and black liner. My DH rarely notices my makeup, but every time I've worn this, he comments on how lovely my eyes look. What a great quint! :)

Review by dlbd2k06: I had drooled over this a long time before purchasing it. Then my first impression was a huge disappointment. The colours seemed very sheer and not as intense as I would've thought. But now when I've used it for a few months I've started to love it. Very nice for office makeup, and I love all of the shades. In case I need more intense feeling I will add something of darker colour (brown/black/violet) to the outer v. I have also other quints: Stylish Move, Sunset Cafe and Tender Chic and like them all.

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Bare Escentuals Glimmer In Queen Marie

Review by runty: A very beautiful purply-gray color, great for smoky eyes. I mixed w/ Weather Everything to use as an eyeliner and the color changed to a very BRIGHT shimmery purple, not to my liking. I like it much better in the powder form.

Review by IiIy: This is an average light-medium shimmery purple. I like this one better then Black Pearl. Oh, now that I think of it, I could layer this with Black Pearl. Hell, I'll just mix the two together and create my own color. Neither one of these are terribly original apart, but together, they could be fabulous.
Okay, I take it back, Marie is beautiful, this is the only purple I wear lavender I wear now. I still don't like Black Pearl....Queen Marie is truly beautiful though!

Review by Lyssa2676: Queen Marie is a gorgeous deep lavender shade with what appears to me to be both silver and gold glimmer-- very multidimensional. I don't think I realized how lavender it was when I ordered it... I've never worn lavender e/s in my life. But this is really pretty. Makes a good lid shade for days when I feel like a little color... I tend to wear so many neutrals.

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