which eyeshadow is the best?3 good eyeshadow ranking

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By Christina

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 good eyeshadow ranking!


Laura Geller Marble Shadow - Starburst

Review by labelslut: I love this marbled shadow because you can swirl your brush over the whole thing or use each color separately. Personally, I use small brushes to pick up the individual colors. They create a fantastic summery look. I use the plum on the lid, rusty brown in the crease, and light gold to highlight. The colors look beautiful together. If you have trouble picking out eye shadows, buy this marbled one because they all match perfectly. And its easy to travel with because you will only have to carry one shadow compact instead of four or five.

Review by Loriwong: While I have to agree that what color you actually get all depends on how the colors divide and bake in the pan I love this! In fact I have two or three of Laura's baked eyeshadow collection one of my other favorites is the berry color. This is my go-to when I am tired, in a hurry, too busy to mess with eye color, go to work look. You cannot ask for more if something is such a beautiful and effortless no brainer. The mix of colors is stunning and I have seen no chunky glitter in any of the shadows that I own that previous reviewers complained of. Mac also sells an eyeshadow similar to this and I don't see any difference? These are perfectly pigmented! Yes, if I run out I would definitely repurchase!

Review by blacklittlepig: Is this not the most beautiful looking eyeshadow??!! I absolutely love the looks of it. I was so disappointed when I put in on my eyes to see what? Nothing, that's what! These are so sheer. For the price they should have alot more pigmentation and staying power. You can get alot of other eyeshadows with better staying power and tons more pigmentation for alot less money. It's sad..........but true.

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Sally Girl Sally Girl - China Doll

Review by nemomemo: I just wanna say god bless you whoever gave me this e/s. i hate that i can't remember who it was. it is so different than anything else i've tried. honestly, it is just gorgeous. a rich green that is not emerald, but not olive. slightly forest. i don't know. but i should post a picture with it on. i feel so lucky to have gotten this before it dissapeared into the abyss.

Review by Suzy_h: Another winner! It's a lot like Bourjois' Khaki Mysterioux - a medium/dark shimmery green with a touch of olive. It's not *that* olive. I love to pair this with All Star or Lounge for a dramatic green look.

Review by Elixir: This line of shadows is one of my favorite from Sally. China doll in particular is a gorgeous shade of green with hints of gold. Incredibly pigmented and have never had a problem with creasing even without primer. I purchased it for 1 in a clearance bin along with city scape and all star. Love them all but they are impossible to find now :(

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Chantecaille Lasting Eye Shade- Peony

Review by aznbebebabe: Chantecaille's Peony eyeshadow is a pretty matte pale pink. Although Peony looks matte, it has a creamy glow. A Chantecaille MA said these e/s are made with crushed pearls. Whatever they use, I prefer their glowy effect to chunky glitter! Although this eyeshadow does not fade or crease, I'm giving it four lippies because it's not unique enough to justify the price. (There are other shades from Chantecaille that are totally unique and worth the price- see my other reviews!)

Review by runtagua: Peony is a lasting eye shade in a shimmery light pink. A little deeper than Perle. Chantecaille is a huge waste of money IMO. Retailing for a crazy 26 these shadows look pretty but arent very pigmented and fade through the day even with a good base. I prefer more pigment. Too many better quality shadows out there. Comes in a single silver compact with white translucent lid. This is also available in the olivia palette.

Review by Cristy1970: I have a gazillion pink e/s's, but this one is my favorite (I've made a huge dip in it, which is something I rarely do!) Peony is a simple pale pure pink color with a bit, but not a lot of shimmer to it. The reason I like it so much is because the powder is so fine and silky. A long time ago, a Chantecaille MA showed me that I didn't need a brush to apply these because they're so silky...just dabbing it onto my lids with my fingers works. Because these shadows are so finely milled, they blend incredibly easy even without a brush. This color really brightens and opens up my eye area and that's another reason why I love it so much. I'm a golden olive NC30 with brown eyes and hair.

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