which eyeshadow is the best?3 effective eyeshadows comparison

By Christina

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows comparison!


Wet 'n' Wild Amazon Greens Mega Eyes trio

Review by Pinki: This is a a great palette for the price, I think I paid 3.99 for it? The dark green is a very pretty color. The light green shows up very very light on me, and the brownish green has a little bit of shimmer in it. It's all very pretty. However, sadly the colors don't show up very vibrant against my skin tone. I do have to wet my brush a little for the colors to show more. Overall, I do like it and it was definitely very cheap. The packaging is cute, it has a little mirror on the side that you can pop out.

Review by abrilio: amazing product for so little . smooth, silky, pigmented, awesome staying power. top shade is a shimmery mint. middle is a shimmery dark neutral green. largest pan is a golden olive shimmer. cool PPP skintone, brown hair and eyes.

Review by dontblink15: I bought this after falling in love with the Ultimate Expressions palettes by WnW. I'm a little bit disappointed, as these are a little less pigmented than the Ultimate Expressions but for 3 they're still great, I love the colors in this trio (I've heard that the dark green is a dupe for MAC's Humid, I don't have Humid so I can't say for sure), the greens make my brown eyes POP. I think I could have done without the mirror though - it was a good idea for the palettes which would already have been large without it, but for the trios which are considerably smaller, they just make the packaging bulky. My only real complaint is the sponge applicator. I like using sponges for applying a solid, opaque layer of color to the lid, but the applicators that come with these are so tiny! The handle is larger than the applicator itself.

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NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow

Review by nishie: I love these shadows. I have most of them and they glide on smooth and blend well. I love with the NYX Jumbo Pencils as a base. I was hesitant at first because I thought they would be too shimmery, but there's avery light hint of shimmer on me. I would definately purchase again.

Review by AimeeO: The new Ultimate Pearl Shadows from NYX have probably the best and prettiest packaging I have ever seen. They are circular and about the same size in diameter as Jane blushes. The top hinged lid has a beautiful silhouette-like design and the shadow beneath has a quilted embossed appearance. The colours are basically lighter, more shimmery versions of original NYX eye shadow singles. (For instance, Lime Pearl, Purple Pearl, Rust Pearl, Copper Pearl, and so on?) I have Lime Pearl, which has more of a shimmery golden sheen than Lime, Purple Pearl, which is the same as Purple but lighter, and Baby Pink Pearl, a very light frosty peppermint pink. Even if you own all the original shades already, I?d still pick up a couple of these because the packaging is so beautiful.
It would be nice though if they came out with some new colours.

Review by Graceteix: I bought this product in Bronze Pearl (deep red copper) and Gold Pearl (golden/copper brown). These looks great on my dark complexion (NC45). The deep pigment texture and smooth consistency gives MAC some competition. I think this product of NYX is just as good if not better than MAC when it comes to the stay power and a decent selection colors for dark skin.
The true test for me is that I don't have to apply a lot just to see the pigment on. In fact, I had to apply lightly.
The price is great 4 and the size of the package is slightly larger than normal. A great buy!

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Givenchy Mono Eyeshadow Powder

Review by London84: I got 04 fasion fuchisa and I love it!! It's an amazing vibrant pink that I wear with a smokey black in the crease. The colour stands out so much it's really noticeable and intense and holds it's colour for soo long! A slight spread with my brush and a whole lot of colour packs on!
I love the packaging as well, for me it clips closed really easily and I have no problem opening it. This eye shadow is good for on the go as well as it has a spnge applicator and a mirror included.
I got it for a pretty good price in the sale but wouldn't have minded buying it at full price either. (full price is £15 and I got it for £4.5)

Review by runtagua: I LOVE THIS eyeshadow!!!! It is my new favorite. i bought one during the Sephora sale, and am about to go back and get more! The shadow goes on unbelievable smooth and silky. And it LASTS! Iput it on at 9.00 in the morning, when I got to work, and when I looked in the mirror before I went to bed at midnight, it was still EXACTLY Where I left it! NO fading, NO smudging, no NOTHING! I didn't even use a base - just applied it straight to my lids. And the applicator is like velvet... it feels so nice! The space age packaging is adorable. Stock up on these while you can! They are only 10 at Sephora right now - 20 regular, and they are SO worth it!

Review by stellaluna2: I bought Givenchy Prisme Miroir Regard Mono eyeshadow in #5 Sweet Blue on Ebay. I believe this product was discontinued in favor of the Prisme Again! Eyeshadows that come in the little square black case in little square pans instead of this weird oval case.
The case is hard to open and the color inside, despite looking beautiful, has absolutely NO staying power whatsoever. I am very pale and Sweet Blue looked sheer and talc-y, you could not tell it was a soft blue it was just awful. Then I tried it on top of my beloved Trish Base Essentials and it STILL went on choppy and with no color. If you want a pretty, soft workable light blue with staying power I prefer YSL's Mono Shadow in #5. Don't waste your money on Prisme Miroir Regard, not even on Ebay.

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