which eyeshadow is the best?3 best-selling eyeshadows review

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By Sara

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadows review!


Stila Peach Daquiri Eyeshadow Trio

Review by nemomemo: I LOVE this trio!!! All colors are very subtle and do not give that made-up look.

Review by Keva: This is a pretty trio, but the colors don't last very well. The only unique shade is the lightest shimmery color (and it is only marginally unique) There is also a plain matte peach and matte brown. Nice, but for the large part, Stila matte shadows are extremely hard to build on. (actually, all Stila shdows are like this but the Matte ones are especially hard to blend) I have come to the conclusion that Stila shadows are for people who want to put on one or two swipes of shadow and go. To build gradually does't happen. The mattes and shimmers are also horrible over MAC Paint, which is my grail eye shadow base. All in all not too impressed by this collection. I had high hopes too.

Review by Leelee57: I may be in the minority here, but I don't like these colors at all. I bought them from reading reviews on how this isn't orangey, but I stillfound them to be so. Actually, tehy are like beige-orange colors to me, and they totally don't look good on my skin now. Oh well, I am saving these for when it gets warmer to match with spring outfits. Maybe they will look better :)

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Stila Fall in Love Eyeshadow Trio in Forest Clove

Review by biomechmonster: This trio is a lovely accent for my hazel eyes. The colors are excellent, though the shadows don't seem as finely milled or as long-lasting as the individual Stila shadows. A quick layer of primer on lids helps a ton, though, and the colors are so beautiful and complimentary that I would definitely repurchase this trio. It is one of my best makeup purchases of 2006!

Review by kitkat85: I love this. My first ever trio from Stila. I was so tempted to get the brownish one as well, but now deeply regretted! Anyway, this trio gives you a nice shade to blend for the autumn/wintor. the light green its great to use alone, the dark green can be use to get a smokey eye affect. I normally use the dark green as a thick liner since my eyes are pretty little. The most great thing i get from this product is that it help my eyes to give that "bling bling" affect, so fresh, so energentic feel. I got compliment from my friends when i had this on ^^
for the ppl who didn't get this at the time, i am sure they will re-launch it again laterrrrrrrrrr. well i hope anyway kkee

Review by maribebe: If you are looking for a wearable neutral green palette - this ones for you! It does not scream I AM WEARING GREEN eyeshadow in any way. The product quality is very good though I found the lightest color not as smooth and pigmented as the others. The packaging is cute but not practical. As stated below, it closes by way of an apparently nonexistent magnet. Mine didn't stay closed from day one so I would say it is not particularly travel friendy. All in all though I really like the colors and reach for it often for that reason.

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Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow

Review by guitarzan: These eyeshadows are too flaky and smeary for me. I have oily eyelids and they do not stay on. I like Physicians Formula Mineral eyeshadows much better than Palladio's; however, I really like Palladio's lipsticks. Mineral makeup is awesome.

Review by bunnyrabbit: I have happily paid upwards of 30 for a single eyeshadow so I didn't expect much from this cheapo one I picked up while on a polish run to Sally's. I was wrong - this thing is awesome and I wish that I'd picked up more on that trip.
Good staying power, good pigmentation. Just - wow.

Review by taskeeng: I was at my local sally's and remebered seeing someone on Youtube use these shadows. So I picked one up in cocoa. The color is basically my skin color and it is pigmented. The shade is matte. I am happy with the purchase and will buy more. For reference I am NC50/55.

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