which eyeshadow is the best?3 best-selling eyeshadow

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By Sara

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadow !


Too Faced Couture Eye Shadow Luxe - Socialite

Review by gogoamy: lovelovelovelove this! flatters almost everyone, stays on very nicely, unless you rub your eye then you can kiss it goodbye!

Review by bebejacket: A very nice, extremely shimmery copper-pink color that does remind one of a penny that just rolled off the machine at the Mint. It has a lot of glitter, though, so beware. Nice staying power, and only very mild creasing after eight hours or so. High quality product.

Review by Stampy_76: I got mine in the Insurance Policy palette. This is a very pretty copper pink. It has a really rich, metallic finish. It also has tiny, multicolored glitter, which is subtle but pretty. I don't have any issues with fallout. I think this would look especially good with blue eyes.

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Revlon Eye Glossing in Autumn Leaf

Review by Jennybear: Holy cow!! I cannot believe this was an LE! I fell over this in the Revlon outlet. They were selling them 2 for 1. I really had nothing to lose. This color is nothing short of perfection. It is a gorgeous golden,taupey shimmer that really makes my eyes stand out. It's a bit goopy, I hate that it comes in a pot but who on earth would complain on getting this beauty for .50? It lasts for at least 10 hours and no creasing. The color is just....I'm speechless!

Review by belle2216: Lasts a long time without creasing! Pretty colour, too. I like to use it as a liner, or apply it all over the lid using my finger. I also can't get over how much comes in a package--I'm pretty sure it will dry up before I can use it all. I got mine for 3.99 at Target.

Review by pinkiiish: This is a great creme eyeshadow. The color is hard to explain, very similar to Stila Golightly, just a little cooler and more shimmery. It's a greyish brown with gold in it. It has great wear -- stays on all day, no touch ups -- and gives the lids a nice glossy shimmer. I wear it on the lid, just up to the crease, but it could also be used just in the crease. Plus you get so much product for only 5!

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Shu Uemura ME Beige 800

Review by cosmokid: Out of my small but growing Shu collection, this is the shadow that I'm the happiest with. It a perfect neutral wash that really brightens the eye area. The other two shadows that I have that are similar now take a back seat to ME Beige. LM Sandstone is peachier but about the same tone. UD Blunt is golder and not as brighton the lid. So compared to these popular shadows, I find ME Beige pinky peach with a creamy finish and not frosty but shimmery bright. I love this on my lids. FFF/Neutral/Blue eyes

Review by DawnD: ME Beige 800 is the perfect shadow for highlighting the brow brone, it is my current favorite highlighting shadow. It can be used as an all over wash color too, so it's quite versatile.
ME Beige 800 is a lovely shimmery neutral, looks pinkish beige on the lid. You can see pinkish tones in the pan too. As always with Shu Uemura eye shadows the texture is amazing. It's so smooth and soft, very easy to apply. Great staying power!!! I am just amazed by the great quality of the Shu Uemura ME shadows. I'll definitely repurchase when I have used it up.

Review by dontblink15: I wanted a colour which I can use daily as a highlight with any other colour eyeshadow that I have. My skin is fair with yellow undertones so ME Beige 800 is perfect! It's a very light pink with a nice shine to it. It looks more whitish than pink but doesn't make me look sick with its pink tones (I look sick if I use white as a highlighter). It works great with any other colour. I apply by dabbing it on my lids to brow after primer, then I would brush over lightly to even it out. For a more intense/metallic highlight, just apply more.
I got this one day when I went shopping for Shu Uemura eyelash curler one day and was told that there was a promotion going on, ie. eyelash curler + 1 eyeshadow + 1 small tube of moisturizer + 2 small bottles of cleansing oil for only around US45. I always felt that Shu Uemura's eyeshadwos are expensive, so this was a very good deal for me.

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