which eyeshadow is the best?3 best eyeshadow brand

By Vicky

which eyeshadow is the best?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadow brand!


Maybelline Trio in Almond Truffles

Review by zhenya: The colors are much lighter than what you see in the picture, as I learned when I received these in the mail!

These are literally a "day" eyeshadow for me. Without primer, these shadows barely show up on my slightly tan skin but add enough color and pigment to add depth and dimension to my eyes. These are good shadows I would apply mindlessly looking my car overhead window.

I feel the shades could be better utilized on fairer skin. For me, they are good to have on the go in case I need a quick application without worrying about precision.

Review by OutofControl: Wow. Can't believe nobody has reviewed this yet. I picked it up yesterday evening because I've been looking for something subtle but naturally attractive. Something "professional," I suppose, aka matte. :) The trio comes with a light, slightly shimmery white, a grey matte for the lids, and a stone-type color - sort of a brown-grey that's also matte. I love it! I used Ben Nye Violet cake liner and mascara and I had an extremely polished look that, for some *unknown* reason brings out my eyes a lot. My only complaint is that I had to really pile on the matte grey/lid color; it was hard to get that to show up, but I'm quite pale. It could stand to be a bit more pigmented. But for 4 bucks, I'm very, very pleased!

Review by jenss79: I picked this up on a whim at Safeway the other night because it reminded me a little of the Bobbi Brown Stonewashed palette that everyone was going nuts for last year. Although I have to admit that I only saw pictures of the BB palette online, this has some of the same cool-toned prettiness of it.
This Maybelline trio is really gorgeous! The lid shade has a tiny bit of lavender hue to an otherwise light taupe-frosty shade, which I love. The highlighter color is not too frosty and not too white. The crease shade is a perfect taupe. Overall, my eyes look enhanced but not overly made up. A really lovely, natural daytime look. I suspect I'll be using this a lot.

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Ulta Chianti

Review by tambien: This really is a beautiful color, especially for those of us with fair coloring and dark eyes. My favorite way to use it is as a crease color, as I try to keep reddish shades off my lid to avoid looking like I'm suffering severe seasonal eye allergies. As a crease color, it is amazingly soft and flattering, creating a very natural, smoldery, pretty effect, especially when paired with almost any neutral shadow on the lid. I was skeptical as to whether this would work for me when I first saw this shadow in real life, but all my doubts vanished the first time I wore it. I really like that it enhances the green tones in my hazel eyes too.

Review by JettNY: I love Chianti...both the wine and this shadow! ;) The name suits this shade perfectly! It's a beautiful rosey-wine color. It has just the right amount of shimmer to it. I was a little scared to try this at first, because IMO, it looks soooo red in the pan. I kept asking myself why I bought this and even thought about returning it, but after wearing it, all those thoughts just went right out the window. I love the way this looks against my dark brown eyes and fair skin...it makes me look so soft and feminine! Texture is smooth and creamy, wears crease-free virtually all day long and is only 7 for such a good amount of product. I will definitely buy Chianti again!!

Review by franjipany: Chianti is a very pretty shade, and in my opinion one of Ulta's better eyeshadows. It's a nice coppery wine color with plenty of pigment, goes on smooth and blends well. Generally just a very pretty color and good quality shadow. And I love Ulta's eyeshadow packaging, so that's always a plus!

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Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio- Smashing Wide Angle

Review by Vaniessa: Very basic day-to-day trio, i didn't use this as often as i intended to 'cus they're 1) quite shimmery and the shimmers tend to drop into my sensitive eyes. 2) not buildable, the powder will look and feel heavy on my eyelids. sorry to say that i haven't found a single smashbox product that i'd like to repurchase.

Review by mriaow: I am truly loving all the Smashbox trios. I have all of them and they are just so easy to use. no guesswork or tons of little pots but one eye look rolled into one container. Wide Angle came in the QVC TSV and normally retails for 30. This warm basic shadow set contains a off white highlighter shade a medium brown taupey shade and a darker brown. Reminds me of Smashbox Toast and Filter. And although these colors are similiar to many, smashbox has excellent quality shadows that last all day without creasing.

Review by Jaie: A staple of browns, good for just about everyone. Good quality, and a good price if gotten on QVC. I went through a period of almost 2 weeks of wearing nothing but these 3 shadows....which is rare for me.
I only wish they lasted a little longer, and I'd give smashbox shadows a 5.

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