which eyeshadow is good?3 top eyeshadow comparison

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By Monica

which eyeshadow is good?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadow comparison!


NYX White Pearl

Review by OutofControl: I love this eye shadow as a highlighter or and all over lid color. Its very pigmented and its not chalky at all. Easy to blend and its not as white as it looks in the container which is a good thing.

Review by sjcsmall: I dropped this on concrete, and this thing was barely dented. So that's a plus. But it's not the absolute white I was going for. Instead, it's a light but unmistakable silver. Oh well, not too far off. It's not shimmery or glitter, but sheeny. It's nice.

Review by misswillow: This is a great highlighter shade. White Pearl is a sheer, shimmery white which works well with any cool toned eyeshadows. I bought this and Vanilla Sky so I could have a shimmery highlighter for both warm and cool makeup looks. White Pearl seems to be a little more sheer than Vanilla Sky, which I kinda don't like. But this is still a great basic shadow that I would definitely repurchase.

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mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow - Living Doll

Review by KateN: This color is very sheer on me, but I still like it! I use it (like below) with luvstruck (WHICH I LOVE!) It is a very pale pink, which is very pretty if you just want a little touch of color.

Review by CancerianPrincess: A very pretty ligth pink, non shimmery eyeshadow. It really subtly enhances rather than calls attention to your eyes. I really liked it on, but never reached for it much and had a similar color in another brand. I ended up swapping it but would still recommend this to anyone who's looking for a pretty matte pink color.

Review by London84: Definately a very cute color, esp. when used with Luvstruck, and any fuschia eye color. Blends great, and is smooth too! A great buy for the 4 bux I spent on BOTH this color and Luvstruck.

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Iman Iman Luxury Eyeshadow in Pewter

Review by peachy905: This is a very pretty shadow, but the quality of it seems to be lacking a bit in terms of long-wearing ability (using the same primer I use for all other e/s). The color is the a spot-on dupe for MAC Smoke and Diamonds or Stila Diamond Lil.
The consistency of the shadow is nice, and it feels smooth going on, it's just not especially good at staying vibrant.

Review by bobsy: I found this shimmery taupey-silver eyeshadow at Target. It comes in a small screw-top case with a transparent cover. While most grey toned eyeshadows make me look sick, this one has warm undertones and works well on ethnic skintones (I'm more beige-sand-olive). For people who have trouble with silvers or taupes, this color will work very well. The eyeshadow texture is dense and very soft, and the pigment is strong. It's very blendable and lasts all day. I'll have to check out other colors soon!

Review by kimby83: I got this in a kit few yrs ago, and oh my my my such a beautiful gunmetal grey shimmery smoky color. I love love love it. Its actually the only grey smoky color that doesnt look like someone gave me a black eye, and let me tell you why: darker skin needs more shimmery darks rather than matte color, because matte is bad, shimmery actually looks like it was an intentional color. any purple, grey, green doesnt have shimmer or glitter looks like a blackeye. So since this actually shows up on dark skin, it looks flattering. I recomment this color because Iman prices have dropped in few yrs, its actually as affordable like a drugstore brand.

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