which eyeshadow is good?3 recommended eyeshadow review

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By Helen

which eyeshadow is good?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadow review!


Urban Decay Matte eyeshadow in Yeyo

Review by blueaygi: Nice, matte white. Silky texture. A no brainer.

Review by KateN: I absolutely adore this eyeshadow. I love using it as my brow highlight, because I usually use a shimmer on top of my lid and in my crease, and I like the way the different textures compliment each other.
First off, the quality of the shadow is unreal. It truly feels like velvet. It glides on with absolute ease, and doesn't look chalky or cakey. The other benefit is that it's buildable, so you can apply a light later, or add a lot more for a more intense color. It is a staple of mine, and I will go to it about 5 times a week. Amazing shadow!

Review by London84: I wouldn't want to be without this eyeshadow. This is a white eyeshadow that is only a white eyeshadow. It is not frosty, shimmery, chalky, pinkish, bluish, golden, or glittery. Soft, white powder and that is ALL. I like Yeyo for a highlighting shade when I'm using matte eyeshadows. For shimmery shadows, I prefer MAC's Crystal Avalanche. Yeyo is very buildable, blendable, and easy to wear when applied dry. If applied wet, Yeyo goes on clown white. This is not really a drawback... it's an option for someone looking for clown white, but otherwise this isn't a problem if applied dry.

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Bobbi Brown Ivory

Review by Jennybear: this is s brow hightlight color for me. Its fine, okay/nothing special. I like it better than bone for sure. I have two of these (b/c of a shipping mistake) and I doubt I'd ever need to replace.

Review by nemomemo: I bought bone originally but found it was too yellow based for me. I asked the SA for an alternative and she suggested Ivory. I use this almost everday as my brow highlight and also for helping to blend my crease if I've been too heavy handed. It is a smooth, matte shadow which doesn't look chalky when I apply it. It's also the 1st of the square BB shadows I own that I've hit the pan in. I'm waiting to see how it will last in the palette - will it beak up when there's still loads left?? If the pan survives well I will repurchase. Update - used every last scrap of this without it disintegrating into a chalky mess - have repurchased

Review by marsqurine: I like bobbi brown eyeshadows, so I tried this on a whim. The color is nice but I also like bone. THis is a bit brighter than bone. I would probably purchase again.

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Ulta Key West

Review by cosmokid: I purchased this color today and thought it was very pretty...it looks like a soft minty/aqua color w/ shimmer but when applied, it turns into a mint seafoam/gold shimmer. Reminds me of the way the MAC lipglass called "Chicky" looked pink in the container, but turned gold when applied.
This would definitely suffice as a highlighter, I used it w/ Mosaic on my lids and Mink in my corners and brow bone. Very aquatic look...beachy is more like it.
I will be purchasing a lot more of this color for my personal stash.

Review by i_darling: Key West, in my opinion, looks like "robin's egg blue" with a little sheen. I have brown eyes and have been told I can wear pretty much any color, but this one just doesn't look right on me directly out of the pan. Unless I tone it down with another color, it looks like I'm playing dress-up with a 7 year old's play-makeup kit. I made this less in-your-face by covering it up a little with my highlighter color, Silk. It made for a light eye that brightened my face. It wears well just like every other Ulta shade I own, but needs a little work to be an everyday look, IMO. Beautiful shade for summer and great quality! I'd purchase again.

Review by mz654: One of the newer shades to the collection Key West is very unique. Firstly, the formula is so amazing im so happy Ulta reformulated all their shadows..now i have to rebuy the ones i already have in the old form! Secondly Key West is a very beautiful soft aqua shade with gold in it! It's so amazing..reminds me of the beautiful clean shores on a sunny beach day.

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