which eyeshadow is good?3 popular eyeshadow brand

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By Monica

which eyeshadow is good?Let's see the 3 popular eyeshadow brand!


Giorgio Armani Eye Shadow #9

Review by mz654: this is a basic creamy shimmery colour good as a highlighter or wash or base. the only thing that calls for on to buy this is the amazing texture of armani eyeshadows. the colour isnt very unique.

Review by pulidobl: What a wonderful color. Upon seeing it at the store, I wasn't impressed... it looked flat and a bit boring. Boy, was I wrong! With closer inspection, I found that this is a beautiful cream-gold, with just a hint of peach. It has the most wonderfully subtle glimmer. Not quite a shimmer, more like a lovely glow.

Review by oneofmylies99: Creamy, golden, beautiful...this was one of my first GA purchases and it is simply amazing. I love it...especially as a wash on the lid. Goes with just about anything. I am so happy with it. And I know this has nothing to do with the color or texture, but when my No. 9 became depotted on its own and was rattling around loose, I asked a Saks GA SA how to fix it and all she did was open her drawer, give me a brand new one and send me on my merry way. So on top of the amazing e/s, amazing customer service. Pricey, but gorgeous. I love it.

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BeneFit Show Offs - Ruby Doo

Review by CancerianPrincess: This is the perfect mauve-lavender eyeshadow color! It is not "ruby" anything at all as the name implies but it is absolutely gorgeous. I've noticed that because this is milled finer than Bare Escentuals and MUCH finer than MAC pigments that this has a tendency to sink into lines. It doesn't crease, but it settles and has to be blended thoroughly. I'm going to try some of the suggestions that the previous reviewer suggested since this jar will last me forever... hehe. The little jar that this comes in is so adorable. I love having these lined up on my vanity!

Review by bekkbekk1985: This shimmer eye shadow is perfect for creating sexy smokey eyes, the colour is a georgeous deep mauve/lilac combo. Use it wet to give a foiled look on the eye or dusted dry in a V shape to create the smokey look. Very pretty!!
It looks like it will last forever too!!!

Review by AokiJ: I love this! It's a gorgeous mauvey-lilac on my LLL skin, and really makes my blue eyes POP. I wear it with a little bit of black eyeliner, and my eyes look gorgeous! I love that it doesn't take much at all to get full coverage, color, and shimmer, and I like how easy it is to apply, how smoothly and evenly it applies, and the way it looks and feels like silk. It lasts all day (but then again, I *always* wear an eyeshadow primer, so that could help). It's going to remain a staple in my eyeshadow repertoire!

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Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Metallics Palette

Review by ooliedonna: I like the Velvet Plum palette because the colors can be used in both day and night. The softer color will brighten your eyes and your face while the darker color can creat a soft smokey look as well.

Review by Keva: I'm a huge fan of bobbi brown but this palette pretty much stinks. It's a little chalky, and the colors in this palette aren't pigmented enough. I tried them on my skin (NC 45) without a base though, so I'm hoping that with a base it'll be a little bit better. This just isn't as good as her other things especially for the price it was. Lucky for me it was a gift. :p

Review by andij: I really like this palette. On me, it is somewhat a cross between stonewashed nudes palette and the Smoking Eyes MAC quad. The colors blend well, they have a subtle shimmer, and they are more nuetral brown with a hint of plum, IMO. It's an easy look, all you have to add is a liner and you're done. Add some extra of the darkest shade to the outer corners of the eye, and you're set for an evening look. Very pretty, would definitely repurchase if I ever ran out.

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