which eyeshadow is good?3 easy to use eyeshadows brand

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By Sara

which eyeshadow is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadows brand!


Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Trio in Chocolate Mousse

Review by tetrakis: The colours in this pack are great, but unfortunatly they aren't very pigmented. They are pretty easy to apply, and blend, which is great.
But unfortunately the packaging isn't very sturdy, the lid broke of only a couple of weeks after i bought it, but other than that, a good product.

Review by almighty_curv: This is my first eye shadow buy in my life. I like it. I don't think it's the best but it's good for it's price. The only shade that is powdery on my skin is the highlight color. And they all sparkle a little to much for my taste but the shades look great with my eyes and skin tone. They are lighter on my skin then what they look like in the container. It's easy to put on and they blend good. I would buy it again if I can't find something better for around the same price.

Review by ninanina: This doesn't show up that well on me... I wish it did. This stuff wet works better than the old formula of expert eyes, but dry, I definitely prefer the old stuff over this, since it doesn't seem to have enough pigmentation. However, these colours are very wearable, since they are not super warm browns. I think anyone could wear this trio. The packaging is just normal packaging, I got this free with XXL curl power mascara.

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Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Metallic Long-Wear Cream

Review by marsqurine: This is a nice light purple with sparkle. I like it alot but I only wish it had more pigment, its pretty sheer so layering is a must for me. Lots of glitter, great for a night out. It really does last forever. My friend wore it out in vegas and surprise surprise it was still on the next morning....it survived a vegas party night. must be good haha

Review by spitfireseven: I purchased Black Pearl, which is a medium purple with sparkle and I absolutely love it. It's somewhat sheer, but I use it as a base on my lid so that's not a problem for me at all. I put BB Fawn e/s on top of Black Pearl and the sparkle from the Black Pearl shows through the pigmentation from Fawn leaving my eyes looking so glamorous yet wearable for daytime. This look definitely makes my brown eyes pop. Not to mention since I used Black Pearl as a base, I don't have a single crease all day even with very humid weather. So overall the look is gorgeous yet long wearing.

Review by jamelia: I have no idea why this is called Black Pearl because it's a beautiful shade of sheer sparkly violet. I find that it is best when worn as an accent. I like to use it just on the outer edge of the lid over matte powder or cream. It adds just a touch of subtle sparkle. So far I haven't found any shade that it doesn't compliment: browns, greys, greens, violets. I own all of Bobbi's long wear creams and like them very much. I don't know where the idea that cream shadow doesn't last came from because Bobbi's lasts wonderfully, hence the name "long wear." Thank you, Bobbi, for another great product.

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Christian Dior 5 Couleur Eyeshadow Stylish Move

Review by mashafromrussia: I absolute LOVE this palette! It looks beautiful on dark brown eyes. I am medium fair, asian so I have warm, yellow skin tones. It looks great on me. I can see it looking beautiful on cool skin tones too. It looks kind of red in the palette but once it's on the eyes, it's not red at all. It's the most beautiful palette I own and I have ALOT! It's not limited edition but I think I will buy a backup just in case.

Review by cgosyne: I finally bought this palette because I had a giftcard for sephora, otherwise it is hard to spend nearly 60 for eyeshadow. I used to wear this at work when I worked for the CD counter. It's great on many different complexions and you cannot beat Dior's pigments. Love it.

Review by labelslut: Me: LLL olive with light brown eyes and hair. I recieved this product for my birthday and i adore it!!! Pros: Beautiful textured eyeshadows, that have a medium level of pigmentation and minimal shimmer but not matte either. The colours in this quint are so versatile. Usually you have one shade or more that you just dont know what to do with but with this quint, i can use every single shade to get a soft taupe-y purple look for day or a more dramatic smokey purple night time look. Cons: Kinda pricey but i think it is worth it for such a great product. The packaging is quite bulky but it is still elegant looking which is nice. Definitely check this out if you like purples. If you have this, you dont need anymore since it is absolutely fantastic.

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