which eyeshadow is good?3 best-selling eyeshadow review

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which eyeshadow is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadow review!


Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Electric

Review by miss_mac: very beautiful color. i tend not to use so much of this product because it really pops on the lids either way. really vibrant color, it'll last me a long time because i barely use much of it.

Review by Elixir: this is a total copy of mac's "electric eel"...and i love it! however, mac's is a better deal at 14.50 (ud's is 16) and you get the same amount of product (1.5g). i said i'd buy this again because i probably would, and there's no "maybe" option...LOL!!

Review by Viognier: First off, I just started using mattes. I bought this when UD had their friends and family sale, and I am not disappointed. It is described as an electric blue, but when you put it on it is more of a mint-green blue (if that makes any sense). It is so bright and gorgeous! I wore it with Yeyo (matte white) on the browbone and blended it in. Beautiful, fun, and unique, just like Urban Decay.

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Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers-Rapture

Review by aznbebebabe: I love this color! It's a creamy version of Neutrogena's powder blush in Sweet Raisin--a soft, plummy color. Just as the name says, this stuff is sheer and has a touch of shimmer. I don't use it on my eyes or my lips--too purple-y for my eyes and too dry on my lips. But I love this as a base color for blush--I can wear it alone or apply a pop of brighter color over it.. I took off one lippie b/c I don't think it has exceptional lasting power, but for the price and the convenience (squeeze tube) it's a darn fine product, IMO.

Review by amystar: looks very sexy on lips topped off with almay sheer raspberry lipgloss!

Review by runty: I just bought this yesterday and it's okay so far. It's a little too sheer so the color doesn't come out as pretty as it looks in the tube, but that's okay I guess. I like it on my eyes and lips (although it is a little drying, use chapstick first!), but haven't tried it on my cheeks yet. I'm kind of scared it could cause breakouts, but I don't know. It's definitely overpriced but most Neutrogena makeups are and usually they end up being amazing, but this was just decent. I might buy again, I might not. I do love the name though. Rapture. I love that.

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MAC Black Tied Eye Shadow

Review by ckgurl714: I really love this eyeshadow. To me, this is pretty much identical to Uban Decay Oil Slick eyeshadow, so if you own that, no need to own Oil Slick (even though I do..hehe)
Black Tied is a pure black with sparkles. The sparkles aren't over-the-top or anything though, but I've never used it on my entire lid. I've only used it wet to line my eyes. It's the perfect color! The little sparkles are subtle but add some extra oomph to boring black. I'd definitely repurchase if I ever ran out (which will probably be never though!)

Review by bastet: A very good black, pigmeneted shadow. I line my eyes with this during the day and it looks very natural but still noticable. At night I apply this all over my lid (not to heavily) for a smokey look. A good buy with multiple uses

Review by runtagua: Black Tied is a versatile black shadow with silver/white sparkle to it; I find that the sparkle doesn't really show up much when applied, though. I like this for when I want a true black, but something that is a bit softer than Carbon shadow. I think this shade is something that anyone can work with! This shadow is a staple in any collection, in my opinion. The texture applies very well, not splotchy like some other dark shadows tend to look when applied. Definitely check this out, if you haven't already. This is probably one of my most used shadows.

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