which eyeliner ranking first?3 recommended eyeliner

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which eyeliner ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeliner !


Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Granite

Review by jules2064: I love this!!!! The raves are true, this eyeliner stays on better than anything else I've tried and I have been searching a long time! Also, granite is great for me because strangely I am just unable to wear black eyeliner. It always looks awful on me. This color however is nice and dark but doesn't make me look death like as black eyeliners often do. I am hooked on these eyeliners now and hope to get a few more.

Review by bunnyrabbit: This is a nice soft black w/ a nice texture, suitable for any GGG/CCC like me. The staying power was pretty terrible on me, but that's no surprise b/c my oily lids don't give many eyeliners a real chance. I compared this to Stila's smudgepots, however, and found Stila's staying power to be 10x better for me.

Review by amystar: This is one of my favorite eyeliners--I use it at least a few times a week. I apply it with the Sephora #17 brush, which is thin and pointed. It lasts all day for me, and I have no complaints about smudging or flaking, which is more than I can say for other gel liners. Granite ink is black, but a bit softer than Caviar ink, another gel liner in this line. I have had my little jar for about a year, and it's still as moist and creamy as the day I bought it.

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BeneFit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Review by aznbebebabe: This stuff is foolproof. The tiny brush hugs my lashline and imparts rich, deep black pigment. It lasts all day-- my current longest wear time is 19 hours, no smudging. Since using this product, I can create cute, winged liner, or a dramatic thick line with just a few flicks. I thought this stuff was kind of expensive until I tried it. It beats every other eyeliner I've ever used, liquid, pencil, gel or otherwise. It runs if you get it wet, but news flash-- it's liquid liner. It's not supposed to go on the waterline! I adore this stuff.

Review by Springncts: I love it! This was the first liquid eyeliner I ever used and I'm glad I used it. The woman at the Benefit counter tried it on me with a smokey eye look and I had to buy it. It really is jet black and looks lovely by itself or with eyeshadow(s). It stays on my eyelids all day long without fading or flaking. It took me a few goes to get the hang of it so it wasn't too thick but the applicator/brush is just the right size. It dries quickly but you can erase it if you make a mistake, (I used a cotton bud with a little but of eye makeup remover). I recommend it to anyone who needs a good liquid eyeliner that can be used for day and night looks.

Review by Newme: Best liquid eye liner I've ever tried. No smudging, easy to use applicator tip and awesome deep black color. Worth the money to me.

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Prestige Soft Blend Kohl Eyeliner - Lagoon

Review by JT14: very, very nice color! this is my second prestige soft blend eyeliner (i also have Leaf, a bright golden green). it's a funky, shimmery turquoise that i would wear to a party. this is my favorite kind of eyeliner for it's soft, smudgy texture.. more for a soft look than an edgy, dramatic one. i definitely would not wear this every day (however, it looks much more subtle under my glasses), but it's a fun, cheap way to spice up your look when you're in a makeup rut. i want to collect these in every shade i can find!!

Review by peachy905: Gorgeous colour and great staying power. It is a bright sea green/teal with a hint of gold , very striking and beautiful with a tan.

Review by runty: This is my far one of my favorite eyeliners. The color is such a vibrant teal blue/green, it lasts all day, and the smudger on the other side is such a cute idea. Plus, its DIRT cheap (less than 4). Really makes my brown eyes stand out, and lots great with so many eyeshadows. You could even wear it alone for a simple but cute look. Awesome!

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