which eyeliner ranking first?3 good eyeliner

By Marcella

which eyeliner ranking first?Let's see the 3 good eyeliner !


Clinique brightening blue

Review by ZoSo: The color is just gorgeous. Soft texture, did not irritate my eyes when I lined my inner rims. It smeared on my upper lids, but I have extremely oily skin. Very creamy texture, soft, smudgeable, very bright color, but staying power is so so on oily skin.

Review by staci01: I never buy clinque makeup. My mother wears their city block spf, so I had to pick her up some and In order to get the gift I need to buy something. So I bought this liner. These clinque liners are worth every penny. It goes on so easily and stays on. Not only that but the color is beautiful. Looks hot with bronzer and a pinky nude lip. I put it on the inner part of under my eye...and dior's pacific blue on the inner upper lid and blend the corner...try it.

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Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner

Review by London84: I love this liner. I never liked liquid liners because they were messy and difficult to use. If you messed up, well you had to start all over. With this liner, it was so easy to use and I found myself hardly ever messing up anymore (probably just got used to using them).
- - - -
I bought the liner in black/brown, it comes out a very nice rich black, but it's not like BLACK black. Which is why I avoided buying the color black. Usually the color black turns out too black or charcoal. Black brown always comes out a nice black that works for brunettes.
- - - -
The liner stays on ALL day. No smudging or flaking. If you mess up accidentally.. Then it's extremely easy to fix with a q-tip and some water. I will definitely be buying again and again!

Review by mz654: this was my first liquid liner ! one of the best that i've ever owned actually. i think this was 5-7 when i bought it ? at first i hated it so much. i strayed away from it for a few months. and then i think about five months ago, i started wearing it again because i wanted a bolder line on my lash line. it took me a while but i got used to it ! it was my HG until about two months ago when it started drying out. i want to get a new one now because the liquid liner i have sucks.

Review by shelby1123: This is my HG liquid eyeliner. It goes on very black and stays on all day. Highly recommend!

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Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof 07 Flashy Copper

Review by SisleyAus: I recently bought the gift set of these which comes with 7 different shades. I already reviewed this eyeliner as a general product, but since I have found that I like some shades more than others, I decided to review them sepeartely as well. I'm wearing Flashy Copper today and I love it! The color is amazing. Plus, my eyes have been really watery today because of the wind and this stuff hasn't budged. My only complaint is the one that seems to go for all of these liners: they are too soft! I have to smudge these out with a stiff brush or they just don't look even. Loses a lippie for that.

Review by lipstickcrazy: Caveat**** This is an HG for my WATERLINE.
For some reason this works beautifully in my waterline and stays put all night long - its actually been a little difficult to take off. However, I will say that it smears when I use it on the top of my but since I love this shade, it hasn't bothered me. I've used this as an eyeshadow and it also works amazing.

Review by julie9536: Wow, this product is awesome. I wanna say it is an exact dupe of UD "baked," but it will look different on anyone's skintone. If not an exact dupe, a damn close one, for everyone. It has the 24./7 liner qualities such as super smooth, glide-on application, creamy consistency, GREAT colour payoff, and smudge-proof, budge-proof wear and tear. I have been eyeing BAKED forever but was just so hesitant about spending the 16 bucks, esp when they have the holiday editions of 24/7 with FIVE of them for 30. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and swatched it, perfect!! I 100% recommend this liner!

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