which eyeliner ranking first?3 effective eyeliner

By Vicky

which eyeliner ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective eyeliner !


Collection 2000 Glam Crystals

Review by kimby83: I got the electric blue version of this which has amazing colour, and really does look amazing, but application is messy and fiddely, it cracked a lot after drying and flakes into my eyes, and everyone knows massive pieces of glitter in eyes us never a good thing, so this caused a lot if irritation within the eyes. I really wanted to love this as the colour is so beautiful, but it fell short :(

Review by labelslut: I love these - I have 5 of these in various colours and they're so fun to apply over shadows for fun, sparkly glitter-loaded looks. They are a bit fiddly to apply and often I find myself having to "layer" to get decent even coverage, but for such a good price compared to Urban Decay or Too Faced glitter eyeliners, can't complain!!

Review by nemomemo: I bought 3 glam crystals a while ago and i still wear them. The glide on smoothly and very noticeable. However, they can easily be wiped away which means you need to reapply throughout the day.They are liquid eyeliners that are very glittery and sparkly. I bought No. 9 Retro Chic , this is a copper colour and is a really nice product for days where you want almost a natural look , but stil with sparkle. Next is, No. 5 Le Freak, A gorgeous electric blue, very bright and noticable, but still wearable on a daily basis. Last is, No. 12 Spandex, this a grass colour green. I would definitly recommend these as they are cheap if you are just starting off with makeup or want a pop of colour for your eyeliner instead of neutrals like blacks,browns ect.

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Sephora Liner electro

Review by mworley00: I have this in Khaki... it's what I use almost everyday. I like it and it will last if I use primer first. Make sure you have a good sharpener around!

Review by jenss79: Loved the deep black color, loved the fact the glitter stood out and made it pop. But man, did it smudge on me. I gave it more than once chance, but I ended up each time with black oil slicks under my lashes. The only way I could keep it somewhat in place was to put a "seal coat" of waterproofer over it. But that's not worth it for me, price wise. Wouldn't buy it again.

Review by shelby1123: I have this in black. This eyeliner is really soft and glides on really easily. The color is pretty, a bit of a sparkle... except it runs. It smears like crazy... even when my eyes aren't watering. I wish this was waterproof or something. If my eyes start to water... it'll disappear in two seconds. The pencil goes down really easily and needs to be constantly resharpened. I think I would still repurchase this because the color is really pretty and it's not too expensive.

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Maybelline Liquid Liner

Review by amystar: Have it in black. A great liquid liner, easy to use and cost only a few bucks!

Review by stephanie32082: I love this stuff! At first I hated it cause it would get all over my eyelid. after awhile i decided to try it again and this time i would wipe access off on a kleenex 2-3 times then apply so it doesnt get all over. the waterproof is what i use, it lasts all day/night, til u wash it off which is easy to do.

Review by ninanina: Best liquid liner I have ever used - besides L'Oreal and Revlon, theirs are good too. I have used Maybelline liquid liners for years, and continue to do so. They stay put without smudging, flaking, fading or irritation. They are so cheap, and I only have to replace them every few months, no too bad considering I wear it everyday! I've tried others, including high end and always come back to this one.

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