which eyeliner is the best?3 top eyeliners

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By Monica

which eyeliner is the best?Let's see the 3 top eyeliners !


Physicians Formula custom eye enhancing gel creamliner- green eyes

Review by mworley00: I love this. Can't believe I am the first to review this! This is a three set of gel eyeliner colors: black, purple and green. The colors are highly pigmented, gorgeous and extremely long wearing. I almost didn't get this set because I am obsessed with the black and brown loreal HIP cream eyeliners. These ones are even better and just as long if not longer wearing. Loreal's egg plant color does not have a leg to stand on next to this beautiful purple. Love these!

Review by taskeeng: These are AMAZING!! I have the one for Green eyes and the one for hazel eyes and I really love them both. I wore them all day without any flaking or smudging. I am going to be picking up the one for blue eyes soon because I like them so much! I love the stackable containers that they come in to. These really are a bang for the buck. A+

Review by belladoggie00: Shimmer Strips Gel creamliner for Green eyes comes with a green, a purple, and a black liner with a brush.
Green: Nice matte earthy green, could be a bit more opaque but I still really like this color.
Purple: Also matte, a great purple, but in pictures it shows up as blue for some reason! But it really is a nice purple!
Black with green shimmers: Nice and smooth, the green shimmers aren't very noticable. This seems to be the standard with the blacks of these collections.
Brush: not the best, not the worst, doubles up as a great lip brush.
Staying Power: Stays on through everything. Showers, water, sleep, these babies don't budge!
I have quite a few of the collections, the green eyes is one of my favorites. The green and purple are such nice shades, almost like little gems.

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Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil - 502 Beige

Review by tambien: I just received this as an early christmas present from a good friend of mine, apparently the SA recommended this colour to her for blondes. This pencil is very smooth to apply, the colour is a soft grey-brown-beige, and it lends itself to a variety of uses: as a base for similar coloured eyeshadows, as a liner or on it's own. I personally prefer it as a base, as the true colour looks a bit sallow on my pale with yellow undertones skin. But it is definitely a good product to have around and I can see myself using it happily.

Review by nishie: I truly adore these jumbo eye pencils from Sephora! They are so creamy and don't tug at my eyes at all. They can be used as a shadow base or overall lid color, but I find that they can also be used as subtle eyeliners! Number 502 is such a beautiful champagne-beige with just the right amount of shimmer, and when I use it as an eyeliner (especially on the waterline to contrast a dark lid line), it brightens up my eyes beautifully. My other favorite color (that I use almost every day as a basic eyeliner) is 503, which is a stunning plummy purple with a very minimal amount of shimmer. An excellent product at an excellent price- I'm sold, and will certainly be purchasing these again!

Review by KateN: I just bought this yesterday at Sephora for a mere 5.00.. very happy that I did! It is a beautiful beige simmer color that probably is complementing on anyone/everyone. My mom even commented how pretty my eyes looked when I wore it! And THAT's a complement! Wouuld buy again!

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NARS Liquid Liner in Equus

Review by blyss: Beautiful color! Very unusual, it's a combo of gold, green, black, brown with a shimmer. I love liquid eyeliner, it does not smudge at all, I ran my finger through it and it did'nt move. The only bad thing is it seems fade a bit fast and it's very expensive. Otherwise, I love it and I love NARS liquid eyeliners!

Review by meeshmu: I love this shade, very subtle dark greenish/gold/brown. It dries fast and stays put. My only problem with it is the applicator, the brush is very small which makes it a little difficult to apply. Still a great product though.

Review by Capprii: How do I love the Nars. Let me count the ways. I must admit, I scoffed at the steep price when these liners were first introduced, but I must tell you, they last an incredibly long time (you get a ton of product) and the color selection is out of this world. Eqqus is no exception. I could hug Francois for this color! It is a deep shimmery olive green. Absolutely gorgeous, long lasting, and very easy to apply.

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