which eyeliner is the best?3 recommended eyeliners

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By Christina

which eyeliner is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeliners !


Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Black Coffee

Review by joheinous: I think that this eyeliner is the most soft but also long-lasting eye pencil I have ever used!!! And I will definetely buy it again and again. It is the third or maybe the fourth time that I buy this eyeliner and will keep on, eventhough it is quite expensive. But I am more concerned about the quality of the products I use, not the price! Highly recommended.

Review by Newme: I have used this pencil for well over a decade. I've been using it for so long, I remember when it was about 11. It now sells for about 23 (!)...an outrageous price for a pencil, but you can get a great deal on eBay and save a good deal of . It is, BY FAR, the best eye pencil out there, imo. I am an eyeliner junkie. Love eyeliner and wear it nearly every day. I love cake eyeliner (Laura Mercier is my HG), but also like to use this pencil, either alone, or under my LM. Lancome's Kohl Black Coffee is superb because: 1) it is neither too hard or too soft, 2) the color is fab as it is not too brown, yet not too black. It is a perfect deep brown, almost black, but not scary Elvira harsh, and 3) it lasts FOREVER. And this is from someone who uses it every day.
I will purchase this as long as they make it. Nothing better in the eye pencil dept. as far as I'm concerned. It's my HG.

Review by CancerianPrincess: I love this eyeliner! It works amazing, stays on throughout the day, and is great for sensitive waterlines. A definite must-have! (:

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NARS Pencil in Kitty

Review by cperry: I never thought I'd be able to wear this colour with my blue eyes but I really like it! It's fun! Looks really nice paired with my Chantecaille copper shine eyeshadow! Makes me look more awake than I am on days when I've not slept much the night before!! Seems to make the whites of my eyes sharper and whiter! It has a nice cream consistency and goes on like a dream! Comes off easily too! A very unusual colour than can be used subtley or boldly on the eyes depending on what look you're after! I might not reach for it every day but I like to use it when the mood takes me so I'm glad I bought it! It is quite a short pencil compared to some other brands but I've used mine about 6 times now and have not needed to sharpen it yet, so it may be better value than it seems! Would buy again, I think!

Review by CherryBlossom03: After years of searching for quality cosmetics, Nars has won the prize! I love Kitty eyeliner. It's blue, bright blue, but very flattering, and looks cool, unique. Pair with godl eyeshadow, and apricot-peachy blush, and you've got yourself a great look.

Review by Vaniessa: So pretty! Expensive but worth it. The color looks bold but once you put it on it's more subtle.

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NARS Liquid Liner in Sri Lanka

Review by cyndiinphilly: This is my favourite liquid liner ever. It glides on well, lasts FOREVER (it really doesn't budge until you wash it off), and is a beautiful black/green that shimmers. I wear it with a brown shimmery shadow, and it really emphasizes my brown eyes. The brush that comes with the eyeliner is short, but the brush stays pointy and doesn't fray, so it honestly isn't that bad. However, if you need a brush with a longer handle, you should opt for such, if your hand won't stay still enough for a straight line. I like leaving it a little jagged and unfinished, as since I wear it with eyeshadow it doesn't matter nearly as much, but I adore this liner, and I would certainly buy it again.

Review by moth: Mraawr! Something very sexy about this eyeliner- a deep smoldering emerald-peacock (like someone said). Personally, I like how it doesn't go on like a bright magic marker colour, but is subtle and inky. You might think it looks blackish, but with my dark brown eyes the green definitely brings out the gold tones. Of course, haven't used the brush the came w/- it's too cute to spoil!- but NARS#9 works fine for me for this purpose. And, as usual, there's just no using this stuff up!

Review by Leelee57: Great concept, lousy execution. If NARS wants to do cream eyeshadows, they need to put them in pots. It's virtually impossible to get any product to come out of these bottles. The only successful methods I've tried have resulted in more eyeliner ending up on tissues and toothpicks than on my eyes. The color looks great in the bottle--a shimmery dark green-blue--but when applied to the eye, it mostly looks dark and dull. It's very hard to use just a little of this product, or to do a smudged line with it. I feel it was a total waste of the 27. It gets 2 lippies only because I think this product would have a lot of potential if NARS worked on the colors a little and put the product in pots instead of nailpolish bottles.

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