which eyeliner is the best?3 good eyeliners

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By Stella

which eyeliner is the best?Let's see the 3 good eyeliners !


New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Smoky Plum 934A

Review by sjcsmall: The color was a little bit darker than I expected, but I guess I didn't pay attention to the "smokey" part of the name. The purple is still noticeable though and my boyfriend noticed immediately on my eyes that I was wearing some kind of extra special eyeliner, not just black. It's very creamy, but it's not amazingly pigmented. It really is waterproof though, so that's pretty good! Like other people mentioned though, it doesn't show up on the waterline. It's just nice for something a little special and to be able to feel sure that my eyeliner won't be smudging everywhere. I'll probably try other colors of it and keep this one in mind as a good everyday liner that makes my green eyes pop a little more than plain black.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I've been introduced to higher end brands and despite me now being such a makeup snob, I still own this pencil. I bought it at least a year ago and it's hardly half used.
The color is very vibrant, goes on well, doesn't smudge and has real staying power.
In fact, it is so pigmented, I can't use it on my lower lashes or else it's just too much. Whenever I did use it on the lower lid, it didn't disappear at all and my eyes can get VERY watery.
It's a deepish purple and very much smokey. It's best used to change up a smokey eye look, by itself it's very strong.
NYC didn't go very cheap on this though it's very inexpensive.
A great buy..

Review by Jessimau: Love this color on my lower waterline. Its very dark and the plum really brings out my eyes. amazing lasting power as with the others. great soft color when your tired of brown, but dont want to go with a more severe black.

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Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Shattered

Review by nemomemo: Love this color. I tried it out after my crashed UD liner ran out. As always, the applicator is easy to use and designed for precision. Would recommend it.

Review by drusilladru: I loooove this eyeliner! Its such a pretty color, a wearable , slightly golden green that all eye colors can wear. Its slightly metallic and shiny, without having frost or glitter. Gorgeous.

Review by staci01: I love this product, but I do have a love/hate relationship with the packaging. The brush is nice, but the way that it goes into the pot is annoying. That aside, I love the way this liner looks. I usually wear it with just a wash of pale shadow. It lasts all day on me, and a lot of liquid liners don't last for me.

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Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner

Review by mriaow: Great product, abselutly love it! Its very easy to use and last all day. Would definately purchase it again! Mix it with napoleon's shimmer dust range and turn it into liquid eye liner.

Review by Farra: Oh wow, this cake eyeliner sealer is AMAZING!! It's only .5 fl oz but my gosh all you need is two drops for your eyeshadow to become eyeliner, presto! You can also use it to make your loose pigments pop! I looooove love love love love this product!!! It's 22 dollars and I got it at Ulta :D

Review by amystar: Fab cake eyeliner- I just can't get enough of the sultry siren look! These are simple little pots which are easy to use, and last forever- inexpensively priced, too. I wish they made Napoleon available to the US market- such a great Aussie company, with beautiful colours. These cake liners stay well, and are totally trustworthy- the colours aren't too exciting, but they're great basic products.

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