which eyeliner is good?3 effective eyeliners

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By Marcella

which eyeliner is good?Let's see the 3 effective eyeliners !


Laura Mercier Black Violet kohl pencil

Review by taskeeng: This is one of the staples in my makeup bag. The consistency is perfect, has staying power, and color is dark violet that really goes well with my pale green eyes. The best thing is that the color isn't too violet nor too black ... juuuuust right!

Review by Dimitra: This e/l is too soft no matter how gently you apply it and smudges too easily. I expect more for a product this expensive.

Review by gogoamy:
This eyeline is great for lining the eyes, esp lower rim. It gives a nice smoky look without the raccoon affect. Did not come off all night but very soft when applying. Worth the price.

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MAC Fluidline Eye-liner Gel in Waveline

Review by askewchick: Waveline is a pretty deep blue liner that looks good with just about everything. It's not as harsh as black but it still gives the same effect, only softer. It's very easy to apply and stays in place all day long, even during rainy and high humidity days. IMO these MAC Fluidliners are even better than BB Liners, only a lot less expensive. I have a few of them and plan on getting every color! :)

Review by kat_25: A blue that works on me! I finally found a blue that works on me!
Blues always make me look sick, yellowish green...not flattering at all...and they look like hell with my hazel eyes.
Guess what? Waveline works!
This product defines like black (Blacktrack), but the result is softer, not as harsh. It is not garish at all and it has become my new staple.

Review by stellaluna2: This looks great applied in a thin lne using a lip stick liner brush I never actually got around to using for lipstick....
This is great because you can "funk" it up for a night on the town or wear it to the office and look sophisticated.
For evening, I use unititled MAC paint as a primer, then either trax or humid on the lid. I use a smoky color in the crease and highlight. Then a medium line of waveline and it looks awesome wiht my green eyes.
During the day I use the neutral in MAC's Laze Eyes 4 and a thin swipe of this and voila, instant sophistication with a little dazzle.
Easy to use, easy to apply and easy to remove. I only gave 4 lippies because I think it's more expensive than it really ought to be.

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Rimmel Spark it Up Eyeliner in Tigers Eye

Review by AokiJ: I bought the last 2 that they have and everytime i go to the store I look for another to buy. LOVE this color!!!!! glides on easily, makes eye look flattering!!!!

Review by isabellet: When I first bought this product, I wasn't expecting much. I had bought Rimmel eyeliner prior to this one, and I wasn't impressed - I believe it was a soft kohl liner thinger I don't remember the name of. But I was looking for an alternative shade to the harshness of black and the meh-ness of brown. And this definitely does that. I love how it has the red-orange undertones, and accents my blue eyes perfectly. It isn't too harsh for my not-quite pale skin and only has a teeny bit of shimmer to it - not sparkly like the tube might make the product come across as. I've had a lot of luck with sharpening this so I don't see why other people were having that problem. It has become one of my favorite shades and my second best favorite for formula. It is very creamy and very easy to apply. Bottom Line: great product, even better shade.

Review by ZoSo: This is the only Rimmel product I like in their entire line. Tigers Eye eyeliner. Goes well with my olive skin tone, brown hair, drk brwn eyes. I apply it on the waterline. Looks great. Not a boring color, not too old or too young.

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