which eye treatment ranking first?3 recommended eye treatment

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By Elena

which eye treatment ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended eye treatment !


Marcelle Hydractive Eye Contour Gel

Review by Bonnie2842: Love it, love Marcelle. It's a light, moisturizing, non-greasy formula that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I touched my eyeball with a gob of it by accident and it didn't sting at all. It's incredibly cheap at 13 Cnd, and comes in an easy-to-use squeezy tube. Clinique All About Eyes did nothing except give me white bumps and cost me a fortune. This stuff is no-nonsense, effective, and a great value. Good job Marcelle!

Review by stellaluna2: This is a great product! Very moisturizing and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. I've only been using it a couple weeks, so I'm not sure if it's doing anything for fine lines, I will update if I notice a difference!

Review by didion0312: Luckily I just tried the sample in store. There is something wrong with the formula. It's shiny as a lip gloss. Contrast to the Ultra Light Eye Care Cream, it's a horrible eye gel that will make the eye area shiny as a joke.

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Marcelle Hydra-C ComplexE Eye Contour Gel-Cream

Review by ciarar: This product is decent for its price. You can't really expect a miracle with a price tag of 16. I don't have puffy eyes but I do have dark circles and fine lines underneath my eyes. Although I don't notice it reduces the dark circles, the fine lines aren't as noticeable anymore. I did stop using it for a while and the fine lines came back, but I guess that happens with any other eye cream. It is a good moisturizer, not too heavy and a little goes a long way and the packaging is awesome. I would buy it again but I'm the type to try a new product when the old one runs out...but at this price, I will definitely keep this in stock.

Review by aml1: This stuff irrited my eyes. Won't buy this again.

Review by jules2064: well, like other reviewers have said, it's the perfect consistency. and awesome packaging. very hygenic. one pump is exactly what i need for both eyes.
i didnt really notice any drastic improvements around my eye areas though other than that it's a bit better moisturized. so one lippy off. but i think it's a great eye cream for the price. would purchase again (but i might want to try more expensive brands next time to see if it improves the look around my eyes)

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The Body Shop Wise Woman Eye Cream

Review by Capprii: I have always used eye creams on and off, and sometimes end up using my face moisturizer on my eye area. I have never found an eye cream that seemed to do anything great or seemed worth shelling out the extra money for when I could just use my face cream.
While no miracle worker, this eye cream does a good job of keeping the skin around my eyes moisturized (my eye area skin can get terribly dry). It does help smooth out fine lines which I think was a result of my eye area being too dry. I think for the 24 that I would buy it again because it helps me with the problems that I have with my eye area. My eye makeup goes on much more smoothly now too after putting this cream on in the morning. Of course I wish it made me look 20 again, but no eye cream is going to do that!!!!

Review by miss_mac: I preface this review by saying I am very skeptical of eyecreams, yet I continue my search, as do we all. I have had this about 2 weeks, and I like it. It's no miracle....but I do feel it is taking the edge off the look of my eyes. A little improvement in the crepiness, and a little improvement in the darkness. This is a first for me, to see ANY change. I am cautiously optimistic about the long term result. At 24, it's not bad....it is going to last a while, the pump is awesome. I'm using only at night, as my eyelids tend to get greasy during the day and I don't need to add to that.

Review by Olive143: I have been using this product for the last 3 weeks. I am almost 30, and have started to notice the skin around my eyes looking a little more lined, so thought it was time to invest in an eye cream!
Really like this product - it feels light yet luxurious on application. It isn't oily at all, but does moisturise the eye area well, without stinging or causing irritation. I can see a difference in my eye area - it does appear a little smoother and the fine lines are a bit more plumped out.
The product is really good under make up as well. It doesn't leave any residure, so there is no pilling.
The packaging is also very good - a cute little gold bottle with a pump. The pump does dispense slightly more than I need, as a little goes a long way, but obviously you can just press it down halfway, instead of all the way - it's not a problem. I will happily repurchase this.

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