which eye treatment is good?3 top eye treatment

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By Tifanny

which eye treatment is good?Let's see the 3 top eye treatment !


Skinceuticals Eye balm

Review by AutumnBliss: I am on my 2nd jar of this...and love it! The jars last forever!!! Which is a good thing because it is rather pricey. I have definitely noticed a difference using this balm, my eyes are not as dry or puffy and my concealer goes on much smoother.

Review by catlover9_9: Every once in a while my eye lids become dry. I asked the skincare specialist at a nearby clinic and she said I could use this product on my eyelids. I have used many times without any issues. Usually my eyes (especially eye lids) are hypersensitive and don't take eye creams well. It's been the one product I can count on for my eyes, especially the lids. Highly recommend, especially for sensitive skin.

Review by fitnessa: This is a great product. Works well but i'm not sure how it compares to Skinceuticals A.G.E eye complex. They are both expensive and it feels good after applying it.

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Liz Earle liz earle eyebright

Review by taskeeng: This is expensive for what it is but I find it is so worth it. I had eye surgery a number of months ago and find the area around my eyes can be very puffy and stingy in the mornings especially. This just soothes my eyes and takes that horrible puffy feeling away. It also removes any residue of eye makeup I have missed the night before. I must try leaving a cotton pad soaked in it in the fridge overnight. I'm sure that must really waken tired, swollen, sore eyes up!

Review by nechama22: I received this product as a free gift after ordering other items from the Liz Earle Website before Christmas. Talk about good timing. This was my trusted companion during the festive period of late nights and partying. It soothed tired bloodshot eyes and made them brighter. Due to having to prioritise my spending in order to afford the cleanse and polish product, I cant afford to buy this soon. However will definitely be purchasing in the summer to help both me and my daughter with our heavy bloodshot eyes due to hayfever.

Review by andij: I really like this, I often put some on a cotton pad in the mornings, and my eyes feel more awake instantly and look fresher. Also great if you put the pad into the fridge( or you could keep the bottle in the fridge) as this is especially cooling and refreshing.

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Merlot Grape Seed Eye Cream

Review by diachu21: I have managed most of my years without separate eye products, but in my 40's I see little puffy bags every morning, and a general tired look all day. This super affordable eye treatment instantly helps smooth out and tone up the slack puffy areas- which is all I wanted from it. If you have dark circles or very dry eyes, I'm not sure if this will help you. It is a very thin light lotion that should be in a pump, not a jar. But it is only 13 an oz. It does not ball up or become sticky, but absorbs totally. So glad I found this.

Review by lizbert: i love this moisturizer. it was 11 at Ulta, but it's a huge amount for what you pay.

Review by kitkat85: I adore this super cheap and VERY effective product. I've used zillions of eyecreams on the market...they either do absolutely NOTHING (Origins Eye Doctor) or they actually sting like toothpaste (Clinique all about eyes)!!
I decided to try this after reading a review on Beautybuzz, and I'm nothing less than thrilled with it. It really hydrates nicely, works beautifully under makeup (since it isn't greasy) and has totally taken care of really fine dry lines. I have my mom AND my dad using it now as well.
PS: glad you like it so much too manon!!

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