which eye treatment is good?3 recommended eye treatment

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By Stella

which eye treatment is good?Let's see the 3 recommended eye treatment !


Garnier Essentials Regenerating Eye Cream

Review by Loriwong: awesome for day!
makes your eyes tight and sparkle while fixing/concealing/diminishing dark puffy cirlcles and lines!

Review by pinkiiish: Lovely cream for its price! It was a suprise for me cause I do not expect from cheap brands excellent creams.Oh, I bought it cause of the reveiws here, thank you all!

Review by cloud0204: a simple but REALLY GOOD eyecream.... it is what I was looking for cause I am too young for antiwrinkle products...I recommend it and I will rebuy it for sure!!!

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mark Eye Be Good

Review by mz654: Damn... I really thought I could get away with buying a really cheap eye cream. I saw the reviews here, and figured since my bags aren't that bad, there's no way this stuff could fail. I WAS WRONG. I don't know what this stuff did, but the little bags I had became REALLY obvious after I started using this stuff. I wasn't expecting something great, but I certainly didn't think this cream would make matters WORSE. I'll never buy this again. Next time, I'm going to spring for a Kiehl's eye cream. :P

Review by belladoggie00: Great stuff and so cheap, too!! It soaks right in, and eliminates any undereye dryness. My undereyes are super soft since I've started using this product. I've even used it in the am before my makeup, and it doesn't make my mascara smear. I will definately repurchase this when I run out.

Review by mulhollanddrive: My first eye cream. Well, okay, not my first, but the first I've used consistently for any notable length of time (about a month). That's a record! Eye creams just always sort of annoyed me, like an extra step I could stand to skip. I'm not so sure that's a good idea anymore. I can't say that there's anything particularly remarkable or miraculous about this product but it does 1) moisturize which in turn 2)de-puffs tired eyes and leads to 3) a more awake, put together look. So, overall, I'm a happy camper.

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Payot Doux Regard

Review by fuxxy: I heard much raves abt this pdt for lightening dark circles and reducing puffiness. Eyes are less puffy but after using half a bottle i still dun see my dark circles lightening... will not repurchase... stil hunting for my HG.

Review by AokiJ: I love the texture of the gel but hate that it stings the eyes sometimes. Other times it does hydrate and kind of brightening the eye areas, not necessarily reduce puffiness but it just wakes me up. I love the packaging as well. Will repurchase because of the texture but I'll keep hunting!

Review by jamelia: Actually a good one. The skin around my eyes tends to get dry and irritated for no reason but that hasn't happened for 2-3 weeks since I've been using this. The dark circles are still there though - no cream has ever let my concealer to retire, as much as I'd like that. So it's a good gentle moisturizer, but I'd love the texture to be creamier, oh, and a pump bottle would be just excellent (why do they never learn from the reviews?- everybody wants a pump bottle! )

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