which eye makeup remover ranking first?3 top eye makeup remover

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By Vicky

which eye makeup remover ranking first?Let's see the 3 top eye makeup remover !


Boots No7 Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Review by pinkiiish: I received this as a sample so can't say anything bout price but looked on website and its bout £6.00 which is an alright price I suppose. Looks like quite a nice bottle as it's 2 colours that u need 2 mix up 2gether. Think its really oily tho and have to wash my eyes for ages afterwards, but after I've used it my eyelashes do feel conditoned and soft.

Review by julie9536: This is a great product! It is gentle on the eyes and gets mascara off in one sweep. My Diorshow is the toughest, most waterproof mascara ever and whatever I use, there is usually some left on which lead to clumping. This got it off perfectly which made my mascara go on a lot smoother in the morning! Not greasy. 10/10 No7

Review by mashafromrussia: This is not good in my opinion. I really dislike oily eye make up removers and the main thing I recall about this one is having to wash my face and eye area with soap to get the horrid stuff off!

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Yves Saint Laurent Instant Pur Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

Review by askewchick: This is their new eye makeup remover. A biphase one (similar to Lancome bifacil) which you shake before use. This removes waterproof mascara well and I find it isnt as oily as my LOreal biphase one. Plus this smells a bit like juice. AU40 for 150mL

Review by Elixir: You know I used so much better than this stuff.I have 2x1 oz. of this one as GWPs and I'm going to use them up but I won't purchase a full size for myself because as a dual phase remover it's too watery rather than oily for my liking. It would remove eye mu better if it would have contained more oil in it. But it fails to remove my make up easily,instead I have to cleanse and cleanse and cleanse..it's really not the perfect eye makeup remover for my taste.I prefer my good old HR one.

Review by Ellz: I really like this EMU-remover! Before, I used the bi-phase remover from L'Oreal, but all of a sudden, I found it dried my skin out, so I switched to YSL. After a flirt with Lancome, which didn't do a good job at removing its own Flex WP, I'm back with YSL, and I think I'll stay there, as it really works, even at removing the Flex. The price is horrible, but it's concentrated, so lasts quite a long time.

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Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover

Review by mriaow: This has been my HG product for about almost 9 years! I've been using it since I've been in the 7th grade and it has taken everything off that I have put it through. If they ever think about discontinuing it, I don't know what I will do! My only gripe is that I wish it came in a bigger size because I sometimes go through it like water. : \

Review by Capprii: I have been using this eye makeup remover over two years with over 10 bottels done, and it has to be in me daily routine. I have a very oil eye lid, so I only use waterproof mascara. This eye makeup remover does its job very well. All my eye makeup can be easily removed by this product with a cotton pad. I only need to press cotton pad on my eye for 10 seconds to led solution dissove my makeup, and wipe them off thoroughly. I definitly gonna buy this product again.

Review by quantumkitten: I often wear eyeliner, dark or shimmery colours on the eyes, under eye concealer and a base (am not some a makeup rep or poledancer I just like eyemakeup) I also have sensitive skin that reacts like heck to wierd stuff. As much as I hate defending Clinique (3 step programme of evil ruined my skin) this make up remover is amazing, it lasts ages and I cannot fault it- dont forget to shake it as its oil in water formula separates but trying is believing. No excuse for mucky pillow cases and panda eyes with this little beauty in the house

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