which eye makeup ranking first?3 top eye makeup

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which eye makeup ranking first?Let's see the 3 top eye makeup !


Clinique Pair of Shades Eye Shadow Duo in Angel Eyes

Review by Carrie: I really expected this to work for me because I have blue eyes, but something about it was just WRONG. It was kind of garish or something. Very disappointing.

Review by quantumkitten: I love doing up the eyes in these shades. One side is an icy grey violet, and the other is a creamy white shade. They are so pretty.

Review by AimeeO: This is one of my all time favorites from Clinique. It is a light pretty look and goes well with blue, purple, or black eyeliner. It really opens up your eyes without too much color, more natural. I love it!

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MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Review by bekkbekk1985: If you have blond hair, blue eyes and generally fair colouring - buy this today - this is the best makeup product I have bought in a long time - the colour is stunning and makes my blue eyes pop out - also, you can wear it was light or as heavy as you like - depending on the look you want - and it stays put for hours.

Review by laurilauri: Beautiful colour! It has a gold sparkle to it with peachy undertones. Most people use it as a base but i also use it on it's own with a little liner. It also looks really gorgeous all over the lid with amber lights shadow on top for a full on gold look. It goes on creamy and i use my MAC 252 from the holiday brush collection to apply as i think it gives a smoother and more even overall look. The pot it comes on is really handy to keep in your makeup bag although it is kind of heavy but overall i really like all the paintpots but this one in particular.

Review by lizbert: To my eye, this is identical to Say Yeah eyeshadow (which, in turn, is apparently very similar to Melon pigment and Gleam, but I have neither of those and can't compare). If you have any of those, it's really up to you whether you want the same color in a Paint Pot... but if you don't, it's a gorgeous color that's worth a try. It's a shimmery peach-gold that seems like it would flatter a lot of different skintones, and would likely go well with most pink, gold, peach, or coral shades.
The paint pots are far easier to use than MAC's regular paints, and what I especially like about Rubenesque is that it's easy to apply just a sheer layer or build it up to a bright, gleaming finish. It would make a good base for more complex looks, but I can also sweep just a tiny bit across my eyelids and bring out the green of my eyes without looking made-up.

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Urban Decay Cash Eyeshadow

Review by Leelee57: have to chime in for blue eyed girls too! This is a great color, pale, frosty green with microglitter. Looks awesome with a 60's liquid liner look, lots of black mascara, and pale lips :o )

Review by Lola_Bear: This is my all time favourite shadow!!! It's a pretty shimmer pastel green with blue sparkles, I've never come across any other eyeshadow like it or as pretty as it. It's so underrated compared to other UD shadows like Asphyxia, what a pity.

Review by oneofmylies99: I got a super deal on this on ebay.3 rare UD eyeshadows for 20 so I just had to buy!Cash is an irridescent green white with glitter.I wouldn't use this alone,but maybe with a darker shade of green in the crease or as a liner.I wear this with Mildew e/s to create a nice green smokey eye.Definitely buy this if you can find it!

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