which eye makeup is the best?3 recommended eye makeup

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By Vicky

which eye makeup is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended eye makeup !


The Body Shop Eye Shimmer- Indigo

Review by ooliedonna: I love this color its a very pretty violet blue irrodecent. It stands out very nicely on your eyes. You can also put it over eyeliner like black or even white and it really does glow like magic. I will be buying this again!

Review by cgosyne: I love TBS eye shimmers.
This one is really beautiful when you apply it over the black eyeliner.
I would highly recommend, and always repurchase.

Review by AokiJ: This is a deceiving product in the pot. It looks like a light baby blue. However, when I was at the store, the SA told me of its benefits layered over black or other medium to dark colored eyeshadow. It's very iridescent and picks up the colors around it. So, today I put it on the lid and up into the crease, and then put a very dark grey/black shadow from Sephora over it in the crease, and it looks very light blue/white with an iridescent purple to it, not baby blue; it also makes the grey/black shadow look dark navy shimmery blue and iridescent as well - so pretty! I also used UD Deluxe Shadow in Adore (a "hot" cobalt shimmery blue) as an eyeliner and it really picks up those other colors. This is a stunning color, but doesn't look like much in the pan. I have two other of these Body Shop Eye Shimmers and I hope they have the same effect. Love!

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Jordana Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in White

Review by shelby1123: Never would have thought such a cheap, yet drugstore brand liner would works some wonders. It's super, super cheap and very easy as well as smooth to apply to your waterline! I wish I would have given this brand a try years ago. Would have saved me a ton of money!

Review by lipstickcrazy: I love this white eyeliner! I've been on the hunt for the best one, and so far, this is it! It's the perfect color, not stark white but not unnoticable. And I do have to reapply it, but only twice during the day, which is pretty darn good! Oh, and it doesn't clump on my bottom eyelashes which a lot of eyeliners do. Great basic white eye liner! A MUST HAVE for only 99 cents!

Review by nechama22: I think it's great, i went to my local Walgreens store and i couldn't find any white eyeliner until i saw the Jordana cosmetics section and i bought it for only .99 cents, i'm new to the white eyeliner thing so i'm not really an expert but i think it goes smooth into your waterline but it doesn't fade away and the color is great, not to bright and not to weak, the color and aplication is just right and for .99 cents it really worth the try :)

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Hard Candy Training Brow Kit

Review by kat_25: The best product for the brow-obsessed. This kit produces natural and long-lasting results! There is a kit for light hair and dark hair; I used the dark hair. The dark kit comes with two shadows: a soft grey and a medium neutral brown. You can blend both until you find a color that suits your brows! It also includes some miniature tweezers to emergency touch-ups and a small brush for blending. The kit has lasted me for YEARS and I use it daily! As I said earlier, the results are natural and they seldom smear or smudge!

Review by bklyncowgirl: Great little product - I picked up the light haired girl set a few years ago and still use it. It comes with a light brown color (think dirty blond) and a darker brown, great for mixing to get that perfect shade. and i love the tiny tweezers, for me they are better than tweezerman!

Review by lorrainer07: I love this brow kit! It comes in 2 shade types, one for light-haired girls and another for dark-haired girls. I have the dark-haired one and I love the way it creates soft, natural brows! The compact is quite cute and has a mini tweezer, brush, and tamer. It's a bit pricey, but definitely worth it if you want natural brows!

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