which eye makeup is the best?3 good eye makeup

By Sara

which eye makeup is the best?Let's see the 3 good eye makeup !


GAP Beauty eyeshadow duo

Review by maribebe: I have earth. both are such beautiful colors. earth [the large circle] is a frosty [but not as much as Stila e/s in kitten]bronze taupe. Terre, the half circle, is a shimmery peachy gold with gold micromicroglitter. the quality is great!! lasted all day, no creasing. This 16.50, which isn't TOO bad for a duo but I don't think I would buy for that price unless the colors were amazing. I got this on sale, for 5.50 XD
the smaller disc is identical to Stila's SUN e/s. I found the textures/quality are also very similar. 3 cheers for good e/s on sale.

Review by biomechmonster: I have one and I love it. I bought it on sale for 2.99. One color is a beige/champagne and the other is a matte dark brown. I was expecting these to have little or no pigment but I was wrong. The colors are very pretty and they last forever on my lids. They are silky soft and easy to blend and they look great on.

Review by Sybil84: I saw these in a magazine and decided to give them a try because they are just far too cute. The colors match nicely in the duos and are very ease to apply for the perfect look.

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Lise Watier Métamorfix

Review by Viognier: OMG why have I just discovered this?! I love it! Love it to the point where I bought my back up bottle and I've not even gotten to the 1/2 point of my first bottle! Turns all the loose eyeshadows to liquid liner in an instant. It does take longer for pressed ones. It makes my metallic loose shadows look like molten metals...copper, gold... all awesome looking after. I apply it just above a black liner made from black mineral liner from Everyday Minerals. It looks like I have eyeliner that changes colours when I blink. Now I had been buying e/s that would look good as eyeliners, usually, they would be too dark to wear as e/s so I just buy them specifically to use as liners. I've not tried it as a lipliner but now that I have found out about it, I may try it.
I gave the packaging a 3, what can you say about a clear eyedropper bottle?

Review by catlover9_9: Metamorfix is fun to play around with, but I don't use it much because I don't have the time or patience for it. It does work very well for turning any shadow into a liner. You just put a drop of this into the lid of the shadow (or anywhere else, sometimes I put it on the mirror of the palette that the shadow is in), dip the brush into the shadow, then swirl in the drop of the liquid and apply. I was floored the first time I used it with a black LW single e/s, using their awesome angled eyeliner brush. I should really try to pick it up more often and use it with coloured e/s, but as I said, I usually can't be bothered and reach for something more effortless. However, it is fun to have around and I think it does a great job, as advertised.

Review by belle2216: I love this product... I was in my local London Drugs and the Beauty Advisor showed me how to change any eyeshadow into a waterproof liquid liner. It is a little tube of clear liquid that I mix with any shadow. I can use is with dark rich colors or with more bright peralized shadows. For the price and you only use one tiny drop this product will last a long time!!

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Prescriptives Brow Defining Compact

Review by marsqurine: Rave rave rave! My eyebrows are still there from the morning to late evening and the color is a perfect match for my hair and skin! I have this in #02 and it works wonderfully on my NC30 skin. The useless little brush I just totally ignore it and use my PD eyebrow brush instead, it went on smoothly and powders are pigmented enough and stayed on very long! I love the combination of three colors so I can blend them easily to get the right color and it truly blends well! Highly recommanded! :D

Review by jules2064: I own this compact in Dark 02. It comes with 2 brow powders (3.3g) that can be blended, a highlighter (2g), mini tweezers and a mini brow brush with a narrow sponge applicater on the opposite end - great for applying the highlighter on brow bone.
To give an idea of the colors in Dark 02 - I also own their brow pencil in "Soft Black" (deep brown) and have found that the darker of the two shades matches exactly with this pencil and I'm assuming the other shade in this compact matches with their "True Brown" (basic brown) brow pencil. Also, the highlighter shade in this compact, imo, is a nice soft beige, real pretty.
I absolutely love this product from texture to pigment and feel it's worth the 25 I payed.

Review by diachu21: This is a nice product to enhance brows. Comes in a nice compact with double ended brush and a set of mini tweezers (that actually work). There are two brow shades and a soft ivory highlighter for the brow bone. nice product, only wish there was a wider range of colors (light and dark don't quite cut it)

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