which eye makeup is the best?3 effective eye makeup

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By Fiora

which eye makeup is the best?Let's see the 3 effective eye makeup !


LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

Review by Cygentte3: BEST PRIMER EVER! I have tried a few eyeshadow primers and bases, quite a few high end stuff, and nothing compares to this! It's consistancy is thick, but not cakey. This product makes your eyeshadow last all day, and I've never had creasing! That packaging is cute and easy to use.

Review by redheadjane: This eye primer is AMAZING!! Bottom Line. I want to delete all the other positive reviews I've given to other eye primers. This holds everything in place, even crappy eyeliner! Without a doubt not ONE single crease the whole day. The consistency is creamy and always dries evenly with no blotching or unevenness whatsoever. This stuff is incredible. I sincerely hope LORAC never discontinues this or changes the formulation. Highly recommended!

Review by kitten75: IMO, this product should have more of a cult following then UDPP and TFSI. UDPP and TFSI creased on me by the middle of a 7 hour school day, where this lorac primer lasts me through a full 7 hours and beyond. The squeeze tube is brilliant, and it has more product than UDPP and TFSI. Granted, its roughly 2 more, but you get .47 fl. oz. over UDPP and TFSI's .34 and .35 oz. Love this product, makes even drugstore shadows last through a school day.

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Mary Kay Fig Eyeshadow

Review by omegakitty: Gorgeous

Review by shopgirl087: I like MK eye products, but this Fig one is not for me. I guess I'm the exception here in this review - I see it got 100 percent favorability.
The reason I didn't like "Fig" was probably more of a personal preference. I noticed Fig has reddish undertones which cause my eyelids, esp. during allergy season, to look even pinker than they are Hence, the effect becomes the "tired eye" look.
Still, i buy other MK shadows but I try to steer anyway from any of the purples or browns that have too much pink or red in them.

Review by ciarar: I love this eye color. I use the darker shade wet as an eyeliner and it looks really pretty...I especially like it since I have green eyes and I like the way purple looks with them, but I think the color would work for just about anyone. I haven't used the lighter shade, as I bought this before it was turned into a duet, but MK eyeshadows are very high quality, so I'm sure it's good.

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MAC Greasepaint Stick

Review by coolRED: Great product for oily eye people. I tried this on my waterline for 14 hours straight and at night it's still on my waterline looking fresh as I applied it. Works better than Fluidline in my opinion, fluidline doesn't stay nearly as long. In fact it probably would've stayed there forever until I wash it off. It didn't bleed into under my eyes for raccoon eyes like the technakohl and the feline kohl. Love the black with the purple sparkles gives it something special instead of just a plain black liner. Great as and eyeshadow base to make colors pop. Would repurchase again.

Review by Dimitra: I bought my greasepaint stick from the style black collection last year. It's more of a dark blackened purple than a true black. I didn't use it much at first but I have recentley dug it out and have started using it as a liner. I use it all around my eyes and smudge it a bit. A little mascara and I'm good to go. I guess I got tired of all the blending of shadows, bases, highlights, new collections blah blah blah. It's a nice simple look and the blackened purple shade adds a nice dimension. The formula is slightly dry so if I'm not careful I end up with a little flaking and smudging. However, it's this same dry formula that makes it stay put all day. I like it..I'm glad I bought it.

Review by glossgal_01: I just got this yesterday, I was worried it would be too creamy given the name of the product. I am wearing it right now! I really like it. I had a hard time with it though, because of how my lids are, but that isn't the fault of the product. I used it on the lid and I couldn't really smudge it above my crease so I just used Blackground paint pot, so that is ok. I used Young Punks over it *from Style Black* I really like it so far. I hope there are more of these Greasepaint sticks in different colors *I think there are* I will buy all of them! Lol.

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