which eye brow ranking first?3 recommended eye brow

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By Marcella

which eye brow ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended eye brow !


NYX Auto eyebrow pencil in Black

Review by ninanina: This is amazing and it 100% better then Smashbox's brow pencil and sooo much cheaper.

Review by island_honey: I use this for under eye lash line as a liner. Yes, I said liner LOL! the thing with this is that because it has wax it doesn't smear on me, it stays put the whole day. I love it and would definitely repurchase it.

Review by kjjamm808: I am very impressed with the quality of this eyebrow pencil for it is very pigmented, has a wonderful creamy texture and has staying power -- esp. considering the pencil costs less than 5. I have used higher end eyebrow pencils and without as much success and/or color payoff as I have experienced with this eyebrow pencil.

As for the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Black this is indeed has a very black color and would probably look best on darker skin tones (esp. WOC) and those who desire a strong, dark and very dramatic eyebrow.

Also, I really like that this pencil never needs to be sharpened (since I never know where my sharpener is) and it can apply both thin and thick lines on the eyebrows, thus, giving you more control over the application of the liner. I really like this eyebrow pencil and I will definitely repurchase this product.

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Tarte The Toolbox eyebrow kit

Review by Carrie: I really like this product. I have this in light which is great for blondes. It is very convient for me because I travel. The kit contains on top brow gel, mini tweezers (I think these are pretty good too), brown pencil, and a brow brush (for powder application). On the bottom there is brow powder and wax.
What I like: It has everything I need in one little kit. I really like the brow gel,powder and the tweezers.

What I don't like: That tarte does not sell the contents of the kit in mini forms individually. You will run out of some things before others. I also wish the brow shadow and wax were covered somehow. The brow powder eventually gets in the wax making it a little gitty. I can work with this, but others might get annoyed.
I would repurchase for the convience.

Review by clnfox: I love this toolkit. The reason why it only gets a 4 is because the tweezers aren't the best. They hurt my skin after awhile because they are a bit course on the metal. Other than that, I love it. Its a perfect little box with all the tools you need for great brows daily. It has a mirror, pencil, shadow, tweezers, brush, gel and wax. All in a little box. Its very compact and convenient.

Review by kit_kat68: This really is a mini toolbox-- for your brows! It comes with an adorable tweezer, brow gel, eyebrow pencil and a brush to pick up the brow powder and wax. There are also stencils that came with, but I have yet to use. They do not fit in the toolbox itself and I have a feeling I'll lose it soon. However, it's great for taking out with you as it contains everything you'll need to fix your brows.

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Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Anastasia Brow Powder

Review by gogoamy: I have used several brow powders that have been recommended for brunette hair and all are way too dark. This powder is the perfect color without having to blend it for a lighter effect. It also lasts all day without fading.

Review by iberian: I first got this sample from sephora, and after trying it on for a few day, i went out and buy it. Because the color fits perfectly and looks really natural!! Now I do get to see my eyebrow in the pictures without looking fake. I haved tried other brands such as Shideido and Dior, but they are either too brow or black, but with this, the darkest color also fit with the asian dark hair,

Review by cgosyne: This is the best brow powder I've ever used. I have red hair, but BLONDE eyebrows, so I have no choice but to use brow powder. I originally went with this brands because of 2 things: It specialized in eyebrow everything, and it mentioned Beverly Hills in it lol. I figured it must be one of the best, and it is. Plus, because of my red hair, finding a powder that matches is a task! I have this in Strawburn, and it works perfectly! No blotches - completely blendable and natural-looking. I probably won't use a different brand again.

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